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Hien cake fragrant Hue

In the culinary heritage of Hue, the bread is more than countless: all kinds, all kinds, sweet, salty, luxury that are cheap but also have a common point of showing the ingenuity, creativity and processing, such as cassava. If you have to list simple dishes made with the cheapest ingredients, cassava is probably the first mention (cassava in Hue is the noodles in the South, and the cassava is called in the South, the cassava Hue called bean root). Cassava (pea) peeled, washed, put the root for easy grinding.

Grinding tools are now available for sale in the market, but before Hue people made themselves a small piece of tin punched close together. Cassava has two types, salty and sweet. Baked with green beans cooked beans, puree mixed with oil or fat, onions, salt, pepper as the way to make bread biscuits, tét. Make a cake, mix a little sugar into flour, and usually yellow sugar (the day before, the type of sugar cake into a black cake called street or road is very suitable to make this country cake), beans also bean Green, but mixed with sugar, like green bean tea. Cassava leaves are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Cassava cassava is hot when cooked, it is soft, flexible, leaves are still fumigated, sometimes pungent, pungent flavor of cassava and the smell of fresh banana leaves; green beans and aromas, sweet onions and spicy pepper. Sweet, sweet taste. Often the women of Hue are always two types: salty food before, the cake after the dessert. Often the families make cassava cake but rarely sell this dish in the market. Cassava cakes are made from simple and inexpensive ingredients but anyone who has ever tasted pastry will remember this long ...

5 popular dishes in Saigon

No need to be ripped off, you can still go with friends to eat delicious dishes in Saigon such as fried butter, crab soup, lagoon, cherry and chicken wings. Young people often have the habit of asking their friends to eat after work. They do not choose expensive dinners but la carte to popular places with good and cheap food. Here are the familiar dishes that you should try when coming to Saigon.

1. Beef fried butter With a special sauce, add a few slices of chili, served with sour pickles, linguins and breads, and places to sell chopped butter especially for youngsters. If you go out to eat with friends, you will be invited to eat before the mango dip for appetizers and then enjoy the quail. Sauteed quail meat, seasoned with a rich aroma of butter will stimulate taste. At the quirky quail shops, besides enjoying the quail, you can also add grilled eggs, quail eggs and drink a glass of sugar cane juice. The price of each quail is about 12,000 to 15,000 VND. You can eat this dish on Dong Nai, District 10. 2. Crab soup Crab Soup is considered an appetizer, but has now become a popular snack. Hot soup soup is served with many cilantro, pepper, chili, added sweetness of corn or tender meat bought to give you a sense of appetite. Crab soup sells much in Saigon streets at very cheap prices for only 10,000 dong a cup. Crab soup and pork soups are often sold in one place, so you can choose your own cup of delicious soup satisfactory. 3. Defeat Time to do tan, places to sell lacquer in the city is quite crowded. A small cup of lagoon made from honeycomb, towel, phèo ... will be delicious when served with bread and fish sauce. The streets in District 4 are very popular with lagoons. cup once and for all. Hot pudding can also be used to transform into a lobster dish. The type of noodles used is often used in noodles. The price of a lagoon cup ranged from 13,000 to 20,000 VND. 4. Sickness Dilapidated capital is a famous dish in the cuisine of the United States, however Saigon people have long loved this dish. The most famous effervescent street in Saigon must refer to Ha Ton Quyen Street, District 5, when many of the fireworks are next to each other and always crowded. Filled with shrimp meat, pork, squid and fish balls are brought out always hot. Underneath, there are also many green broccoli. The decisive factor of this dish is in sweet and juicy smoothies, tasting just right. The price is usually from 30,000 VND for regular saline and about 40,000 VND for salted water. 5. Steam the chicken An egg-fried egg pie filled your boiling stomach. At only 35,000 VND, Chicken Curry is not a small place for those who have soul to eat. Stir the chicken Stir fried chicken breast can sometimes be served with crispy fried chicken. Sticky, plastic, chicken, chicken and non-delicious. At the hamburger egg shop, you can also enjoy dishes such as roasted chicken leg, roasted chicken roast and many other attractive dishes.

Strange mouth with "mini octopus" in Quang Ninh

As a species of octopus, but only with the thumb, the people of Quang Ninh called the crawfish. Those "octopus" ni hidden under the beach of the parrot caught by the people in Quang Ninh to specialties ...

Speaking of Ha Long, people immediately think of the specialties of squash, Long legs fall from July to October lunar year. To catch the long legs should use the crab bowl - a fisherman's fishing net or netting in the hole. There are many ways to cook, the most traditional dish is boiled rice. Rust must be alive, catch up in the basket, rub salt and scrub thoroughly, then rinse it in a pot boiled with sour leaves, guava leaves. Leafy marmalade is soft and desiccate, guava leaves are acrid and crispy. When boiling, remove the broccoli washes cleanly on top of the strawberry leaves that were spread on the bottom of the pot, and then red water into the boiling. When boiling for the first time, you bump up once for the leaves and straws together. . Whenever the hole becomes pink, the tentacles curl up into small circles, which is when the spider is ripe. The peasants ripen when they become pink, the claws cling to the small circles, looking like a flower with many wings, beautiful. Duck sauce with shrimp paste is mixed with lemon, sugar, garlic, chilli. If for those who gourmand or like to drink with beer, can add a little sour or green banana and cup of national sipping wine, the food is boldly add flavorful home flavor. In the breeding season lay eggs, the people there called rice steamed rice. Rolled rice also is like the normal hole but the color and taste of it is very unforgettable. Unlike the salty sea, the sea of ​​Quang Ninh with water not so salty compared to other places so the fish here is also fresh and delicious. The smaller Quang Ninh shrimps, however, are bolder and more crunchy than the regular ones. When using the type used in food processing, we usually choose a small type, the type of cereal is the most delicious in the dish. A plate of rice steamed glutinous rice on the table, we can see the cool blue eyes of the sour, the white color of the banana, the light purple color of the leaves, the green color of the nails and especially color pink grasshoppers, small white spots of the rice steamed rice balls. Ruins are eggs, people called rice steamed rice. The dish of rice steamed sticky rice is multicolored, sexy: The sour cherry, the white of the banana, violet of the apricot leaves, the green of the leaves, the pinks and special, the white of the "nuts fried rice "in the fried bean cut ... All that is mixed with shrimp paste and garlic The steamed cucumbers are pink, the curls clinging to the small circles, looking like a multi-winged flower, beautiful. The characteristic color of the dish is the harmony with the green of the guava leaves, red roses of chili sauce, will bring a lot of fun. Rattlesnake, when cooked, has a sweet and crisp aroma - next to it is the taste of guava leaves, the spicy taste of chili sauce.

As attractive as the Tay cake

Banh Mi of the Tay ethnic group in the Northeast or wrapped with Chit leaves, not with banana leaves as below. Cakes of ethnic minority Tay have a unique shape, different from the lowland cake. Biscuits with honey or honey honey are delicious.

The Chit leaves, whose flowers are often used for broomsticks, pick up dark green leaves, which have a very sharp edge, which can break the hands if not careful. Leaves after being cleaned using a towel, put in the boiler. Chit chit is hard and brittle, if not boiled, it will not be used to wrap the cake. Chit leaves are put into the pot boiling, the chit leaves are hard and brittle, if not put in the boiling pot to soft leaves will not be used cake package. Dry banana leaf, or dried tea tree stalks, burned to death, wrapped in cold water, wrapped in bucket or bamboo basket closed eyes. Boil water to cool to cover, then take the water. A wrapper according to the estimation of the cake maker that refills the medium. Pale juice will not be too beautiful, the water is too dark to have the scent of the gio, eat not delicious. Water is filtered carefully through the cloth, boiled up, let cool. Stir-fried glutinous rice is soaked, soaked in water for two to three hours. The glutinous rice is picked up in a pale yellow color, that is, the rice is drained so it is possible to pack the cake. The wrapper is wrapped in a small funnel, using a spoon to grind the sticky rice into the hopper, subtly folding the edges of the leaves into a cone-shaped cake, using a tongue tied around. When all the rice is packaged, the buns are brought out to cut off the fringed leaves, tied to the string. Put each piece of cake in the prepared pot. Bring the pot to the top of the stove for four to five hours. Gio cake
The new cake is wrapped, not cut off the leaf margin. Cake must be cool to be eaten, avoid eating hot because it will cause full stomach, indigestion. The cake is wrapped in a package, the cake is delicious when you bite a piece of the first fragrant scented pineapple leaf wrapped and we see in front of the eyes are no longer glutinous rice seeds but a golden block in plastic as amber appears. . Cake with dots with sugar cane molasses is also yellow, fragrant sugar cane smell. There are no honey cane houses replaced by forest honey. However, cakes with honey molasses are still the best.

Go to the West to enjoy bird flu

Nodding is a bird with the same flesh as chicken, so people usually call it chicken. Nipple is a folk dish in the South of the garden, from the time of open desert. The nipple is not too large, the male is about 300-400 grams, the smaller one, weighing only 200-300 grams. The unique name of this bird is named after its unique cry of "flu, flu, flu." Around the time of night or late afternoon is the sound of this call more clearly.

There are many ways to process influenza, most of which use raw materials in the garden to eat, which is easy to become a delicious life with people who have been enjoying chicken water This is not the case. The most popular dish is the swab flu. Baking is also a simple way of processing, sticking to the wilderness than ever. The nipple is cleaned, baked on charcoal stove, scented with scalloped fat from attractive meat. Influence of the famous sweet nipples soft, add flavor of smoke occasionally, creating attractive dishes can not be denied. Soy stir fry is also easy to eat, easy to enjoy. Pork knuckle select the male, clean the meat and then cut small pieces, marinate garlic, sugar, sweet powder and then fried sauteed with garlic. Said it is fried but people do not use any extra fat but use the fat of the flu button to release the meat to hunt. Then, for a bowl of water, boil water and a cup, then stir in the fried, seasoned for the dishes on the dish, pepper. The simple but delicious food has become a specialty of tourism in Pork knuckle is also carefully marinated, but not fried but fried gold nursery. Pre-processing should be sufficient procedures such as plucking, storing straw, squeeze with secret spices to deodorize. Handled so thoroughly, when you enjoy, in addition to the delicious ingredients, you will feel the aroma, taste of the spice. Especially if you taste any part of influenza, you have no sense of taste fishy, ​​characteristic of any meat they have. Westerners also have countless delicious dishes made from influenza such as influenza nipple, coconut water, flu shot flu, swollen nipple ... The dish is also attractive, unique as the name itself. . If you have the opportunity to the southwestern region of water, do not forget to find a leafy child, call a pair of flu swabs and enjoy this rustic rustic unique.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Aromatic "Tam Dieu Biscuits" Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc

As the cake just heard the name has made visitors very curious, want to see it immediately and enjoy it always. Ms. Truong Thi Mui from Dong Gieng village, Dao Tru commune said: The materials for making rice cake include sticky rice, pure ash water of soybean casing and dried bamboo shoots.

Each cake weighs only 150 to 200 grams, packed in chit leaves, in the pink gut of glutinous rice soaked in pure water of ash pea pods and dried bamboo shoots, all of which are blended with After the package is cooked to boil about 4-5 hours after the cake is ripe and then picked out the drain and then thoroughly to make the cake more smooth and plastic. than. Especially, this kind of cake has no nucleus, but when the dip with very good food, it is very cool and can treat high blood pressure.

Duck cake is typical of the San diu, especially in Dao Tru commune. When we came to the house of Mrs. Mieu, Dong Gieng village, Dao Tru commune, she said that the daughter of San Diu must know the package before going to get married, daughter San Diu must at least know 4 types of cake: Tram cake, Dummy cake and Ash cake, ash cake is more feat than all three types of cake. Cassava diced as Sanh Dìu is called "Bánh Dong dien". At present, Ms. Mieu has handed down all the secrets of making ash cake for her daughters and daughter-in-law. Mrs Mei added that she had wrapped this cake for over 40 years, although the cake has long been used. She has been making bread for her children, relatives and friends. Gherkins and Ashes are two traditional cakes that are usually made during the Lunar New Year. When coming to Tay Thien Mai festival, pack the cake to serve tourists. When visitors come to visit the Spiritual Center of Tay Thien nationality, please visit the small restaurant of Ms. Mieu to enjoy the secret cake or "Dien diem".