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The traditional dish of Vietnam Tet indispensable and how

The Lunar New Year is the day beginning the new year as the cultural traditions of Vietnam. In the early spring is the time everyone gathered around the family reunion and welcome the new spring.

Year to families too, whether into or difficult also prepared tray Tet hearty with lots of good food and special days often do not have prior to the ancestors, grandparents wish ancestors will bless 1 new year's descendants prosperous and happy, then the whole family is so happy reunion says.

The traditional Tet dishes not only diverse but also focuses on dishes form presented with the kind of dishes, high and low, filled with colors and of the dish.

Get together in the kitchen and learn how to cook delicious New Year's Day to take the tempting dishes on upcoming Tet !

Fat meat based the sentence on the red 
tree green banh chung mentioned artillery colon 

Surely this verse very familiar with everyone Tet season. So on the altar ancestors of each family indispensable bogies green certificates, banh chung is the soul of the new year and the cakes have a long history in the culinary culture of Vietnam. Banh Chung Save indispensable cake made from glutinous rice, tasty, green beans, pork and wrapped in green banana leaves square then boiled for 14 hours to bring the nine. Plastic bread, fragrant aroma of sticky rice and green leaves.

Cake green certificates must be accompanied by pickled onions. Spicy spicy pickled onions, sour used pasture eaten with bread, in Tet dishes augment the flavor of food and also helps the body digest food more easily.

Melon Action

To act delicious dishes melon should choose the old onion, cut the leaves to make bring onion soaked in water and ash mixed with borax about 2 days. Then remove them peeled and cut roots into boxes of salt and sugar to cool domestic cooking vinegar, a few days is edible. Pickled onions served with will not be sick while eating greasy foods and you will find more palatable.

Besides a dish also indispensable in the new year feast was from the old to the sausage, sausage 2 types is silk rolls and fried pie.

Fried pie-one of many delicious dishes Tet

Fried pie dish made from parts of a pig's head, the same fungus, mushrooms, pepper fried ripe banana leaves used to package rolls or mold. Eat crispy fried pie and delicious spices of the enclosed package.

Jelly indispensable in Tet day meal

jelly are traditional dishes of the north, a winter dish's own air with colder winter meat becomes more and more delicious.

Frozen meat stock made from pork or chicken are stewed, then to the outdoor barbecue for gelation or to preserve meat in the refrigerator will freeze faster.

When meat will solidify on the surface with a smooth layer of fat white as snow. Jelly melon served with pickled onions it will be delicious.

Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken dish one can not not mention the holidays, until now people have always believed that chicken brings joy lucky start for the new year favorable. Selected the chicken fresh, clean and place in the pot boiled with some spices like ginger 1, anise, navigator. Boiled chicken to be yellow, not torn skin and is dotted with lemon pepper salt.

Stewed meat

old days, whenever Tet to the family who has had one pot meat storage vessel, which is also one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam. From pieces of fresh pork and quail egg create a Stewed meat pot delicious and attractive food in Tet.

Delicious jam Tet

Every New Year the next peach apricot blossom petal, sip a cup of tea fragrant indispensable tray jam with full color as jam pumpkin refreshing, spicy spicy ginger, coconut jam plasticizer sweet, jam potatoes .... These products you can put your hand to invite everyone to enjoy the New Year's Day or as a gift to give.

Above is the traditional dish of the day festival, each bringing a dish color, taste and sense of each dish. Please handedly processed the food delicious and appealing to contribute more flavor in the air joyful spring day. Tet is a chance for you to express your ingenuity makes delicious dishes on New Year also to invite the whole family to enjoy.

What to do and should be avoided for 3 Tet

Some of the old taboos are still circulated today to also create distinctions for Tet. However, superstitious practices, concepts are not scientific and should be eliminated.

What to do in the New Year :

's Day 1st day commonly known as Tet, referring to the beginning of the good people, it is time everyone reminiscing about their ancestors (paternal lineage). Thus, folk call Father 1st Year.

To the 2nd day, with philosophy Yin Yang must have up to this day, children are often remembered and visited Tet foreign parties. So-called 2nd Mother New Year.

3rd, with the meaning "Three students all things" and the traditional culture of "respect for his seniors," the Vietnamese default this is the day people who remember the virtues taught by the teacher / her as these are who directed us knowledge and ethical living.

After three days of opening of New Year's good, we can travel in hydro arbitrary to pray for a new year blessing lot catastrophe inevitable harms.

And what to avoid 

After things to do of the ancients, the Vietnamese customs also show that the taboo of the New Year is very interesting.

Note customary and traditional taboo to do in the New Year's Day as follows:

On 30 should move clean, emptied the garbage in the house. Eve evening before pick-up closed doors, and outdoor electric lights on. When Eve is open to welcome the outdoor burn incense.

6 hours burn incense morning (no more incense, burn all, scent) for the entire house from top to bottom, inside and out and then open the door for the entire Tet atmosphere.

Starting bright 1st to the end of 3 days of Tet, avoid sweeping and empty trash, avoid saying what bad luck, do not listen to music too sad or loud too, do not eat foods that are black or taste too heavy .

Vietnam special person abstaining taboo broken, quarrels, fights because under the old concept, breaking the separation, pain, bad things will come to the family in the new year.

Persons should not be rushed funeral home or to the friends and relatives play in 3 Tet. This concept does not only exist in the New Year but also to the wedding, new home.

Choose who stormed the 

addition of things to do and should be avoided during Tet, the Vietnamese also focused on age / who rushed home.

According to the concept of the ancients, who first entered the house of the owner on the 1st Festival who burn the house (also known as broke ground). This person is usually the landlord "order" before and they usually agree conditions are "right age" for homeowners or people or luck, success in life.

The selection of the steam age is much different opposing views. Who argue that people should choose good-hearted mood, peaceful, fun, family happiness and good work does not necessarily have to choose age. However, there is also the view that, people rushed home to be with the landlord and age that year.

On the issue of selecting people, choose age stormed houses, broke ground, letters Old Germany handed down from the past as follows:

"Chi co Tue aged, Can of par

Resources, Interest, India, Fujian imported sugar

Thien increase minnows moon's rising life expectancy

Kun Qian Xuan complacent, being complacent subject "

Ie say when choosing who stormed the house, choose who can address with the address of 2018 Mau Tuat. Accordingly, the old Ram is the number 1 choice for inhalation home this year because of the Rabbit and Dog is Nhi Co, the second is the Tiger and Horse. Next, choose who row Can with Can of the owner, it is necessary to know a little about wuxing but can Nhi Co Can also good, ie Armor - Proceedings, Yi - Canh, Binh - Tan Dinh - Ren, Mau - You ... in addition should also refer to the negative loaded par between the two sides (the landlord and who broke ground) also need to carefully watch the destiny and general appearance of people stormed the earth, so are fresh cherubic, agility, avoid bad crude, or looked sad ... especially avoid those are funeral.

Tet Vietnam

 Vietnam is famous for the unique culture and profound. Tourists to Vietnam are eager to enjoy his rich culture. Vietnam's distinctive cultural festivals. The festival is always crowded and busy. Referring to the festival is referred to the spiritual world of the Vietnamese. Which comes to spirituality, can not fail to mention the national holiday.

Traditional New Year's Day holiday and the biggest importance of Vietnam. Like other Western countries, the Christian holiday Christmas is a sacred and important, the traditional New Year's Day is considered Vietnam's Christmas. Tet Festival called Tet, or Lunar New Year. Tet is an important time of year. Starting on January 1 st day of the lunar new year. Lunar New Year can fall between February of one calendar year. Normally in Vietnam, every opportunity to prepare the Lunar New Year, everyone whether work or school are the holiday calendar. Will usually be more than a week holiday and leave by 30 December of two to three days. To prepare for important holidays of the year, every house are quite busy. What is considered to be the most elaborate and meticulous preparation for this festival are tray worship ancestors. Tet tray in each locality has its own distinctive features. But have one thing in common which is the chicken, sticky rice tea, rice cakes and savory food with rice. Other than normal tray, tray day festival hearty and many more nutrients, containing fat and protein, high protein meal than daily. So many days eating such regimes can lead to bloating, indigestion. That's tray celebrations of her mother and sister of a very thorough preparation before Tet. Vietnamese family will worship ancestors in the most sacred moment of a year that's when the clock struck midnight on 30 Year 00 h. Then will worship the 1,2,3 th Tet. On the ancestral altar outside the tray also has fruit tray, candy, soft drinks, beer cans, flower vases plug. Flower nectar is also very rigorous selection, often brightly colored to bring good luck for the new year. In addition, the plug stem peach apricot branch on the ancestral altar is also the way that many families choose. Similar feelings flowerpot, the color of the other objects on the ancestral altar also brilliant, bright, beautifully furnished. Northerners to house several Tet often observed the altar of the owner. Altar will reflect the affluence of the owner fully enough in the past year. It is customary worship. And yet, the national holiday is also a customary family visit relatives, friends, neighbors in the new year. Each time to the visit, the head of the family will be lucky money to children and adults and for several wishes on New Year prosperity, thousands of like mind.

These important holidays in the year of Vietnam

Vietnam as well as other States in the world have so many holidays to celebrate, to commemorate and mark the important moments in history. However, there are many people, especially the younger generation was less interested and remember the days of this anniversary.

Not only big national holidays are holidays prescribed that there are many other anniversaries of the year you may not know. Today will help you synthesize the important holidays as per lunar calendar so you can easily track:

The important holidays in the year according to the lunar calendar :
1/1: Lunar New Year.
15/1: Lantern Festival (Festival Thuong Nguyen).
3/3: Cold Food Festival.
10/3: Death Anniversary of Hung Vuong.
15/4: Buddha's Birthday.
5/5: the Dragon Boat Festival.
15/7: Vu Lan ceremony.
15/8: Tet Trung Thu.
9/9: Double Ninth Festival.
10/10: Tet Thuong Tan.
15/10: Lower Highlands Festival.
23/12: Jian Sun Quan.

These important holidays in the calendar year in:

1/1: New Year.
14/2: Valentine (Valentine).
27/2: On Vietnam physician.
8/3: International Women's Day.
26/3: On the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
1/4: April Fool's Day.
30/4: Southern Liberation Day.
1/5: International Labor Day.
7/5: Day victory of Dien Bien Phu.
13/5: Mother's Day.
19/5: Birthday President Ho Chi Minh.
1/6: International Children's Day.
17/6: Father's Day.
21/6: On press Vietnam.
28/6: Vietnam Family Day.
11/7: World Population Day.
27/7: On Invalids martyrs.
28/7: On unionized Vietnam.
19/8: General Uprising Day.
2/9: National Day.
10/9: On the establishment of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.
1/10: International Day of Older Persons.
10/10: Liberation Day of the capital.
13/10: On businessman Vietnam.
20/10: Vietnam Women's Day.
31/10: On Halloween.
9/11: On the law of Vietnam.
20/11: Vietnam Teacher's Day.
23/11: On establishing Vietnam Red Cross.
1/12: On World AIDS.
19/12: Date of national resistance.
24/12: Christmas Holidays.
22/12: On establishing the Vietnam People's Army.
When understand all the holidays of the year you will easily send greetings to the people concerned, will never miss any of the holidays of the year again!