Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tet Vietnam

 Vietnam is famous for the unique culture and profound. Tourists to Vietnam are eager to enjoy his rich culture. Vietnam's distinctive cultural festivals. The festival is always crowded and busy. Referring to the festival is referred to the spiritual world of the Vietnamese. Which comes to spirituality, can not fail to mention the national holiday.

Traditional New Year's Day holiday and the biggest importance of Vietnam. Like other Western countries, the Christian holiday Christmas is a sacred and important, the traditional New Year's Day is considered Vietnam's Christmas. Tet Festival called Tet, or Lunar New Year. Tet is an important time of year. Starting on January 1 st day of the lunar new year. Lunar New Year can fall between February of one calendar year. Normally in Vietnam, every opportunity to prepare the Lunar New Year, everyone whether work or school are the holiday calendar. Will usually be more than a week holiday and leave by 30 December of two to three days. To prepare for important holidays of the year, every house are quite busy. What is considered to be the most elaborate and meticulous preparation for this festival are tray worship ancestors. Tet tray in each locality has its own distinctive features. But have one thing in common which is the chicken, sticky rice tea, rice cakes and savory food with rice. Other than normal tray, tray day festival hearty and many more nutrients, containing fat and protein, high protein meal than daily. So many days eating such regimes can lead to bloating, indigestion. That's tray celebrations of her mother and sister of a very thorough preparation before Tet. Vietnamese family will worship ancestors in the most sacred moment of a year that's when the clock struck midnight on 30 Year 00 h. Then will worship the 1,2,3 th Tet. On the ancestral altar outside the tray also has fruit tray, candy, soft drinks, beer cans, flower vases plug. Flower nectar is also very rigorous selection, often brightly colored to bring good luck for the new year. In addition, the plug stem peach apricot branch on the ancestral altar is also the way that many families choose. Similar feelings flowerpot, the color of the other objects on the ancestral altar also brilliant, bright, beautifully furnished. Northerners to house several Tet often observed the altar of the owner. Altar will reflect the affluence of the owner fully enough in the past year. It is customary worship. And yet, the national holiday is also a customary family visit relatives, friends, neighbors in the new year. Each time to the visit, the head of the family will be lucky money to children and adults and for several wishes on New Year prosperity, thousands of like mind.

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