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The traditional dish of Vietnam Tet indispensable and how

The Lunar New Year is the day beginning the new year as the cultural traditions of Vietnam. In the early spring is the time everyone gathered around the family reunion and welcome the new spring.

Year to families too, whether into or difficult also prepared tray Tet hearty with lots of good food and special days often do not have prior to the ancestors, grandparents wish ancestors will bless 1 new year's descendants prosperous and happy, then the whole family is so happy reunion says.

The traditional Tet dishes not only diverse but also focuses on dishes form presented with the kind of dishes, high and low, filled with colors and of the dish.

Get together in the kitchen and learn how to cook delicious New Year's Day to take the tempting dishes on upcoming Tet !

Fat meat based the sentence on the red 
tree green banh chung mentioned artillery colon 

Surely this verse very familiar with everyone Tet season. So on the altar ancestors of each family indispensable bogies green certificates, banh chung is the soul of the new year and the cakes have a long history in the culinary culture of Vietnam. Banh Chung Save indispensable cake made from glutinous rice, tasty, green beans, pork and wrapped in green banana leaves square then boiled for 14 hours to bring the nine. Plastic bread, fragrant aroma of sticky rice and green leaves.

Cake green certificates must be accompanied by pickled onions. Spicy spicy pickled onions, sour used pasture eaten with bread, in Tet dishes augment the flavor of food and also helps the body digest food more easily.

Melon Action

To act delicious dishes melon should choose the old onion, cut the leaves to make bring onion soaked in water and ash mixed with borax about 2 days. Then remove them peeled and cut roots into boxes of salt and sugar to cool domestic cooking vinegar, a few days is edible. Pickled onions served with will not be sick while eating greasy foods and you will find more palatable.

Besides a dish also indispensable in the new year feast was from the old to the sausage, sausage 2 types is silk rolls and fried pie.

Fried pie-one of many delicious dishes Tet

Fried pie dish made from parts of a pig's head, the same fungus, mushrooms, pepper fried ripe banana leaves used to package rolls or mold. Eat crispy fried pie and delicious spices of the enclosed package.

Jelly indispensable in Tet day meal

jelly are traditional dishes of the north, a winter dish's own air with colder winter meat becomes more and more delicious.

Frozen meat stock made from pork or chicken are stewed, then to the outdoor barbecue for gelation or to preserve meat in the refrigerator will freeze faster.

When meat will solidify on the surface with a smooth layer of fat white as snow. Jelly melon served with pickled onions it will be delicious.

Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken dish one can not not mention the holidays, until now people have always believed that chicken brings joy lucky start for the new year favorable. Selected the chicken fresh, clean and place in the pot boiled with some spices like ginger 1, anise, navigator. Boiled chicken to be yellow, not torn skin and is dotted with lemon pepper salt.

Stewed meat

old days, whenever Tet to the family who has had one pot meat storage vessel, which is also one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam. From pieces of fresh pork and quail egg create a Stewed meat pot delicious and attractive food in Tet.

Delicious jam Tet

Every New Year the next peach apricot blossom petal, sip a cup of tea fragrant indispensable tray jam with full color as jam pumpkin refreshing, spicy spicy ginger, coconut jam plasticizer sweet, jam potatoes .... These products you can put your hand to invite everyone to enjoy the New Year's Day or as a gift to give.

Above is the traditional dish of the day festival, each bringing a dish color, taste and sense of each dish. Please handedly processed the food delicious and appealing to contribute more flavor in the air joyful spring day. Tet is a chance for you to express your ingenuity makes delicious dishes on New Year also to invite the whole family to enjoy.

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