Saturday, March 3, 2018

These important holidays in the year of Vietnam

Vietnam as well as other States in the world have so many holidays to celebrate, to commemorate and mark the important moments in history. However, there are many people, especially the younger generation was less interested and remember the days of this anniversary.

Not only big national holidays are holidays prescribed that there are many other anniversaries of the year you may not know. Today will help you synthesize the important holidays as per lunar calendar so you can easily track:

The important holidays in the year according to the lunar calendar :
1/1: Lunar New Year.
15/1: Lantern Festival (Festival Thuong Nguyen).
3/3: Cold Food Festival.
10/3: Death Anniversary of Hung Vuong.
15/4: Buddha's Birthday.
5/5: the Dragon Boat Festival.
15/7: Vu Lan ceremony.
15/8: Tet Trung Thu.
9/9: Double Ninth Festival.
10/10: Tet Thuong Tan.
15/10: Lower Highlands Festival.
23/12: Jian Sun Quan.

These important holidays in the calendar year in:

1/1: New Year.
14/2: Valentine (Valentine).
27/2: On Vietnam physician.
8/3: International Women's Day.
26/3: On the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
1/4: April Fool's Day.
30/4: Southern Liberation Day.
1/5: International Labor Day.
7/5: Day victory of Dien Bien Phu.
13/5: Mother's Day.
19/5: Birthday President Ho Chi Minh.
1/6: International Children's Day.
17/6: Father's Day.
21/6: On press Vietnam.
28/6: Vietnam Family Day.
11/7: World Population Day.
27/7: On Invalids martyrs.
28/7: On unionized Vietnam.
19/8: General Uprising Day.
2/9: National Day.
10/9: On the establishment of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.
1/10: International Day of Older Persons.
10/10: Liberation Day of the capital.
13/10: On businessman Vietnam.
20/10: Vietnam Women's Day.
31/10: On Halloween.
9/11: On the law of Vietnam.
20/11: Vietnam Teacher's Day.
23/11: On establishing Vietnam Red Cross.
1/12: On World AIDS.
19/12: Date of national resistance.
24/12: Christmas Holidays.
22/12: On establishing the Vietnam People's Army.
When understand all the holidays of the year you will easily send greetings to the people concerned, will never miss any of the holidays of the year again!

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