Saturday, March 3, 2018

What to do and should be avoided for 3 Tet

Some of the old taboos are still circulated today to also create distinctions for Tet. However, superstitious practices, concepts are not scientific and should be eliminated.

What to do in the New Year :

's Day 1st day commonly known as Tet, referring to the beginning of the good people, it is time everyone reminiscing about their ancestors (paternal lineage). Thus, folk call Father 1st Year.

To the 2nd day, with philosophy Yin Yang must have up to this day, children are often remembered and visited Tet foreign parties. So-called 2nd Mother New Year.

3rd, with the meaning "Three students all things" and the traditional culture of "respect for his seniors," the Vietnamese default this is the day people who remember the virtues taught by the teacher / her as these are who directed us knowledge and ethical living.

After three days of opening of New Year's good, we can travel in hydro arbitrary to pray for a new year blessing lot catastrophe inevitable harms.

And what to avoid 

After things to do of the ancients, the Vietnamese customs also show that the taboo of the New Year is very interesting.

Note customary and traditional taboo to do in the New Year's Day as follows:

On 30 should move clean, emptied the garbage in the house. Eve evening before pick-up closed doors, and outdoor electric lights on. When Eve is open to welcome the outdoor burn incense.

6 hours burn incense morning (no more incense, burn all, scent) for the entire house from top to bottom, inside and out and then open the door for the entire Tet atmosphere.

Starting bright 1st to the end of 3 days of Tet, avoid sweeping and empty trash, avoid saying what bad luck, do not listen to music too sad or loud too, do not eat foods that are black or taste too heavy .

Vietnam special person abstaining taboo broken, quarrels, fights because under the old concept, breaking the separation, pain, bad things will come to the family in the new year.

Persons should not be rushed funeral home or to the friends and relatives play in 3 Tet. This concept does not only exist in the New Year but also to the wedding, new home.

Choose who stormed the 

addition of things to do and should be avoided during Tet, the Vietnamese also focused on age / who rushed home.

According to the concept of the ancients, who first entered the house of the owner on the 1st Festival who burn the house (also known as broke ground). This person is usually the landlord "order" before and they usually agree conditions are "right age" for homeowners or people or luck, success in life.

The selection of the steam age is much different opposing views. Who argue that people should choose good-hearted mood, peaceful, fun, family happiness and good work does not necessarily have to choose age. However, there is also the view that, people rushed home to be with the landlord and age that year.

On the issue of selecting people, choose age stormed houses, broke ground, letters Old Germany handed down from the past as follows:

"Chi co Tue aged, Can of par

Resources, Interest, India, Fujian imported sugar

Thien increase minnows moon's rising life expectancy

Kun Qian Xuan complacent, being complacent subject "

Ie say when choosing who stormed the house, choose who can address with the address of 2018 Mau Tuat. Accordingly, the old Ram is the number 1 choice for inhalation home this year because of the Rabbit and Dog is Nhi Co, the second is the Tiger and Horse. Next, choose who row Can with Can of the owner, it is necessary to know a little about wuxing but can Nhi Co Can also good, ie Armor - Proceedings, Yi - Canh, Binh - Tan Dinh - Ren, Mau - You ... in addition should also refer to the negative loaded par between the two sides (the landlord and who broke ground) also need to carefully watch the destiny and general appearance of people stormed the earth, so are fresh cherubic, agility, avoid bad crude, or looked sad ... especially avoid those are funeral.

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