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The sucking dishes have to "mix" new delicious

One dish will definitely include a variety of ingredients and very eye-catching. The dishes of the oranges are still owned by an extremely large number of fans in this land of bustling Sai.

 1. Rice mixed with Korea Many young Saigon fans are loyal fans of colorful rice and attractive "on each one of the centimeters". When they had just moved out, the rice mixture was extremely eye-catching with egg omelet, fried beef, red ginseng, mushrooms, carrots and some vegetables cooked or boiled. Just add a little special synergy of Korea and mix all the ingredients together so that you have one evening filled, satisfied then. 2. Pho mix As a North American dish, mixed pho is not afraid of "distant road" to the South to occupy the sentiments of Saigon food devotees. A bowl full of pho, boiled chicken, coriander, onions and roasted peanuts. However, what is attractive is the brown sauce. You just sprinkle a small amount then mix it can feel the fragrance fly up the same taste in the meat, bread. 3. Crab stew mixed with egg The crab stew is slightly sour, crunchy and very cool, combined with beef marinated spiced, egg and tomato is really a rustic combination that perfect. This is a simple dish from raw materials to processing will help you change the taste for dishes with many fried dishes. 4. Mushrooms mixed Each fiber is sheer, soft, long-lasting when it is mixed with cabbage, carrots and mushrooms, combined with natural sweetness from beef, shrimp, eel, squid ... Different versions of each version have a delicious taste like crab, eel, squid, seafood ....
5. Salad
Salad is one of the most delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. Any ingredients can be included in the salad, from tough beef, tender soft chicken to fresh seafood. The sweet and sour taste from the vinegar and spices is the perfect attachment for the meat and vegetables in the salad. 6. Rice paper mixed Named as the "king" of Saigon snacks, rice rolls have so far not shown signs of cooling. Only with simple and cheap ingredients such as rice paper cut, dried shrimp, dried squid dried beef, peanuts, spinach, mango and specialty sauces, depending on the seller you have had a snack enough to sip all night.

Emerging snacks attract Da Nang youth

Although new, but the "rookie" has shown the heat and strength when continuously appearing on the social networking site, welcomed young people warmly.

Milk tea bag zipper Milk tea cups have become familiar to young people. But the way to change the tea into a small bag, convenient to bring and suitable for aesthetics, make zipper milk tea became a small movement in Ho Chi Minh City and then spread to Da Nang. After the "take away" type of coffee, zipper tea promises to be a mild fever. New type of milk tea appeared in some restaurants on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tran Phu (Da Nang). In addition to traditional flavor, milk tea is mixed with many flavors with pearl or jelly. Ice cream Ice cream has a strange name has been imported into Vietnam since 2010, but officially "floating" in Da Nang this summer. Initially, ice cream only appeared in the restaurant menu "to the side", then became more familiar with the youth. The cream uses liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius, so each glass is made very quickly. A full complement of ice cream with apple flavor, blue fog with white nitrite and some accessories such as chocolate, cinnamon ... Nut cream sold at some restaurants on Hai Phong, Hoang Van Thu, Marble. Thai pan coil This cream came from Thailand and was introduced to Da Nang not long ago. Cream rolls appeared to have become a small movement among young people, contributing themselves in the list of strange dishes. For the right ice cream pan, the seller will use the fruit ingredients to fry the ice and then use a small bandage. The mixture of milk is poured on top, the ice pans will harden into ice cream. After that, the cream is spread into thin layer, the seller will use shovel scrape the cream to roll a small round. Waffle Honey Waffle Waffle is a traditional Belgian cakes, enjoyed by European people. If abroad, this cake is often served with syrups, jam or fresh fruits such as breakfast, then to Vietnam, honey bee cake became more popular. The main ingredients for baking include milk, wheat, sugar and eggs mixed in proportion and mold. The product has a floating circle on the surface like honeycomb should be called with the name "honeycomb". Guests can find this cake at the shop on Phan Chau Trinh Street.

Buffalo dipped in beef - Western food

Soft buffalo meat mixed with the water is cleverly mixed with sour, salty sweet, spicy to the nose cavity that you just eat and want to inhale.

Buffalo dipping is a special dish of the West, the restaurant is varied and processed in many ways with different flavors. Choose dipped meat, cut the meat and marinate with lemongrass, chili, garlic, salt, sweeten, sugar for one hour. The dipping of bovine meat is also made to be sour, not harsh, and spicy with chili, lemongrass. Buffalo meat is presented on the plate, on the thin sliced ​​onions. This dish is indispensable for western vegetables such as cotton, crayfish or small sprout, lobster, gourd, gardenia ... The vegetables will contribute to the flavor of the dish. Buffalo dipping. When eating just dip the buffalo meat into a pot of water with vegetables, have both heat and nutritious. The shops in the West also added crayfish leaves, ear leaves eaten with fresh bun. Price of a pot of about 250,000.

World famous cuisine places

Colombian coffee, Italy truffle mushrooms, Austrian cheese ... are well-known products all over the world.

Spanish jamon meat Jamon meat is considered a "myth" and is the world's most expensive ham, cut from the hind legs of Iberian black pigs. This is a quality breed of pigs that are raised in a special way, mainly in Western and Southwest Spain and some parts of Portugal. The meat will be labeled depending on whether the pig is pure or hybrid. Jamón is the main export product of Jabugo village, Andalusia. Japanese fish market Every day the market consumes about 2,000 tons of fish. At 5 o'clock in the mornings there are bustling mackerel traps. Guests can enjoy a variety of food at hundreds of food stalls and restaurants in the market. If you want to eat sushi for breakfast, you can visit Sushi Dai restaurant near the market, where the freshest sushi in the city. Another option is the 3-star Michelin Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant, one of the best sushi restaurants in the world. French Bordeaux Bordeaux includes all 60 wines made in the famous Bordeaux region of France, and also the largest wine region in France. The vineyards of Bordeaux cover 121,405 hectares and produce more than 450 million bottles of wine a year. Austrian Cheese If Bordeaux is famous for its wine, Bregenzerwald Cheese Road in Austria is famous for its cheese. This road is a "gathering" of cheese experts spread across 22 villages along beautiful trails through dairy farms. The area has 160 cheese makers, dairies, producing over 60 types of cheese totaling more than 3,000 tons a year, not to mention butter, milk and natural yogurt. Colombian coffee UNESCO recognizes the coffee growing region of Colombia as the World Heritage Site of 2011. Eje Cafetero, Zona Cafetera, also known as the coffee triangle, is an ideal spot for travelers to explore. This area includes Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, covering an area of ​​142,449 hectares. There is also a coffee park called Parque del Cafe Mushroom truffle Italy Last year, a Russian tycoon even spent $ 95,000 to buy 1.8 kilos of white truffle. This particular fungus is found only in forests in Langhe, Piedmont, Italy. Small town Alba is the capital of the region and is also considered the "capital" of white truffle mushrooms. The International White Truffle Mushroom Fair is held from October 10th to 15th of this year, while white mushroom hunting season is from September to December, black mushroom from late May to February of next year. Spanish olive oil
20% of the world's olive oil is produced in Jaén, Andalucia. Visit the Olive Oil Greenway in the Sierra Mágina Mountains to see dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites, visit olive farms and learn how to process your produce. this famous. Turkish spices The Ottoman-era spice market mainly sells spices along with herbs, fruits, coffee, tea, candy, even salmon eggs. When it was first established, the market was the end of camel transports along the Silk Road.

Enjoy delicious dishes in Mu Cang Chai market - Yen Bai

Enjoy the sticky rice, black glutinous rice or grilled fish of the Thai people are the dishes of North West identity that you can not miss when walking around the market Mu Cang Chai.

Visitors to the northern mountains of Vietnam, do not forget to visit the fairgrounds to discover local cuisine. Below Vietnam Travel will introduce some delicious dishes that are easy to find in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. 1. Xoi colorful Dusk is a popular dish in the holidays of the North West, especially with the Thai in Yen Bai. Depending on the needs that the processor can use more or less color. You can see the popular colors of sticky rice such as white, black, purple, yellow. The talent of the ethnic people is the use of natural materials to dye for sticky rice. With white, people simply use sticky rice. Blue, red rice made from rice, blue sticky rice, red sticky rice. In black or purple, the cook uses the leaves to soak the rice, depending on the degree of color that the color.
2. Black Cake Black Cake is a unique dish of Thai Muong Lo in Yen Bai province. Normally, banh chung (Banh chung) is made only during Tet (Tet), but if you are lucky, you will still find this dish in highland markets.   The special thing of the black banh chung is the shape of the cake and the color. Thai people wrapped cylindrical pancakes, or folded leaves like the dough down the bottom. Rice glutinous rice is soaked with the leaves of the tea leaves to have a characteristic black. The ingredients are carefully selected, including wild leaves, wild boar or armpit pigs. When eaten, the cake will be cut into small fish or whole whole.
3. Grilled fish roasted pac Speaking of Thai cuisine, there is no lack of grilled fish. This unique name means "grilled fish" in Thai. They usually use only stream carp to bake. The cook uses the ingredients featured in Thai cuisine such as cherries, ginger, garlic, herbs to marinate in fish meat. Fish are placed directly on charcoal grilled or grated. Fish sauce is soft, sweet, not drunk and dry. The taste of fish mixed with spices makes the food becomes special, stays in the mind of the guests.
4. Roasted chicken with honey biscuits with gilts With grilled Thai dishes, honey leaves are an important ingredient. Grilled chicken is the sour, sour sweet, sweet. In addition, people often dot chicken with "diagonal cross" - mixed secretions and chicken liver, lemon chili, garlic, fruit merit. Diagonal is a special kind of dots ethnic people, quite comparable and solid. When eating with grilled chicken, you can feel the sweet and sour taste of the leaves bile, the light bar of praise and a little bit of chili.

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Many villages should focus on tourism

With handicraft villages that can not stand the market mechanism, but just a reputation in history, in the memory, only collections to preserve the museum, serve tour village.

That is the issue after the traditional Hue Traditional Festival 2013. Many experts said that in the present context, each locality needs to determine what is a specific skill, strength, comparative advantage to have proper orientation in conservation and development. conservation rampant development. There are tourist villages that only open opportunities for conservation rather than to develop into commodity economy, as they are not competitive with products of other craft villages of the same type but with higher levels. . It should be clearly defined that craft village tourism is a product for the benefit of the whole community. The residents of Thanh Toan bridge in Huong Thuy town (TT-Hue) are not good enough for farming tools for tourism, but with the market for agricultural products, The production has become a specific product, contributing to the formation of tourist brand Cho Day. Similarly, the Phuoc Tich ancient pottery kiln in Phong Dien district (TT-Hue) has been restored, making an important contribution to the establishment of Huong ancient village tour brand, not to enrich the whole village with ceramic products of some. young workers rice rice to learn vocational training in Bat Trang back. Because Bat Trang ceramics are also sometimes wobbly before the rise of Chu Dau pottery, before the expansion of the brilliant pottery from Jingdezhen in China. In fact, despite the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to recover, Phuoc Tich ancient pottery was only a few days old when Hue organized the festival. Therefore, Phuoc Tich ancient pottery should stop at the task of preserving the museum and serve the festival, tourism, many experts said. Loose between tourism and village Many village tours are like a spontaneous phenomenon. Between the tourism and craft villages in Hue, there is little positive cooperation in the sharing of investment responsibility and profitability. Particularly, the tourism industry is more prone to exploit and invest less. This is in China, in Thailand people do very well. If through Yunnan, a poor province of China, will see the tour closely integrated between sightseeing, accommodation to shopping. From the car guides are very aware of the time to introduce local destinations, customs, habits, products. They are very skillful in linking service establishments to the daily routines. To Thailand, if you travel from Pataya to Bangkok, and vice versa, the tour will take you to Noong Nooc Park, crocodile farm, snake farm, jewelry store. These destinations are also a standard stop, have free drinking water, clean toilets; Service staff is very warm, thoughtful; Guests traveling on a discounted tour. In Hue, there are no trade villages, product introduction centers, souvenir shops of such standard. And there are few tour operators, guides who are responsible for such partners. This is due to the lax association between the tourism industry and its partners, including the craft village.

Come and experience the craft villages in Hanoi

Coming to the traditional craft villages in Hanoi, visitors will be able to see the hands of "gold" skillfully create the products characteristic of each village. Coming to each of Hanoi's villages, visitors will find traditional cultural values ​​hidden in the familiar landscape of the Red River delta: village gate, temple of profession, centuries-old house, roof ancient houses, wells or in each fine handicraft products developed through generations.

There are also good artisans, considered as the "living museum" of each village, heard about the process of formation, development of the profession, the experience of those who passed before and passed the witnesses. The "golden" hands create a unique product of each village. Tour guides are the village workers, will give visitors an interesting moment through the rustic introduction but very deep ... There can be many villages like that. For example, if you choose to travel from the center of Hanoi, along the National Highway 1A about 20km to the south, visitors come to Quat Dong embroidery village, Thach Xa garment village; Duyen Thai, American specializing in lacquer, mosaic; Nhan Hien village is skilled in stone sculpture. Then the village of Vác making paper fan, bird cage; Bell village, Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo village with skewed oaks is known as the pinnacle of Vietnamese knitting art; Hamlet of Cake Pie; The village of adjacent lobbies ... The adjacent villages, closely linked to each other, sometimes only a rice field or a river ... And experience The most interesting for tourists on the tour in the village of Hanoi is to experience life here. For example, in Bat Trang pottery village, visitors will feel the great harmony between water, fire and Vietnamese soul. With more than 2,000 pottery kilns, Bat Trang is a pride of a traditional pottery village. As time passed, the village's products have developed and become famous both at home and abroad with quality, color glaze, style features of ancient villages on the banks of the Red River. Visiting Bat Trang pottery village, visitors can walk around the village or go on buffalo carts. Visitors can also manually knead the soil, molding, creating a product at the factory of a family working in the village. Admire the skillful hands of the craftsmen clattering the details on the ceramic turntable, visitors also visit many beautiful and interesting places such as Temples, worshiping the daughter of Bat Trang Folk worship with the brand "Thanh Mau Duong", the beautiful and noble Cuu Long statue ... Coming to Van Phuc silk village, visitors can hear the familiar tone of the silk weaving. Under the skillful hands of the Van Phuc weavers based on traditional techniques have created many unique silk fabrics such as silk, noise, brocade, stature ... are customers in and the country. Popularity. Coming to Phu Vinh, a famous village with a long life. Visitors can see old people, children drunk with bamboo products and always smile welcoming friendly visitors. Ha Noi's trade village is so, but many people love the discovery, the village has not been fully exploited tourism companies are often the ideal destination. Before the simple beauty, the cultural values ​​are intact, the status quo, each person will have their own feelings, the examination itself after each trip ...

Kim Son mountain attractive

On the small road leading to the historic Phat Diem Cathedral, Kim Son (Ninh Binh) you will be surprised to see countless bags, hats, boxes, slippers, vases, flower vases, flower basket ... all seagulls

Kim Son people live in the village of the seagrass hundreds years ago, so full of the characteristics of a true craftsman, skillful, sharp and passionate career. The cultivation of rush and rush in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province famous near and are popular with consumers in and outside the country.   In order to have a fine art handicraft product, the technique of planting and producing sedge of Kim Son is quite special. It is a meticulous, meticulous and precise process right from the time of growing seagrass, seagrass harvesting, picking seagrass, seagrass, sunflowers, sedge ... to the final stage is knitting and finishing products. Typically, the technique of applying polyascera spray on the surface of sedge products, helps to stabilize the industrial design, while improving the resistance to mold, moisture, especially in the export. foreign. As a result, Kim Son handicraft products always ensure the quality when reaching the consumers, contributing greatly in improving the competitiveness in the international market. Up to now, Kim Son handicraft products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

Son Dong village blow soul into the wood

About 15km from the center of Hanoi, the traditional village of Son Dong (Hoai Duc - Hanoi) is known as a place to preserve and develop the cultural quintessence in sculpture art of our country.

Son Dong commune has more than 1,500 households, every household has at least one person who knows wood carving, lacquer. Along with the traditional craft carving, engraving and painting statues to create the famous products in the country such as Buddha statue thousand hands, thousand eyes; Mr. Thien, he evil, the statue of the Arhat, palanquin bowl, Son Dong also have worshiped gilded gold paintings can not be compared anywhere. The material used by Son Dong villagers to make self-sacrificing altarpiece is wood, jackfruit and heartwood. These wood must comply with certain rules and standards to be used, so the quality of the place is always guaranteed, life is always longer than the products of other places. Particularly, the wood must be made of jackfruit wood: the jackfruit tree to carve the statue, the sticky branches, the leaves in the wood, no one dared to bring wood to make the bed. In the spirit-filled workshop with a large series of statues made of wood jackfruit, Nguyen Ba Quy - who has 30 years experience wood blowing affirms: "This job does not need a" birth sample, "since we have been working on it since we were young. New to the profession to take clay with sawdust and sawdust, plastic training for statues, when the image of the statues in the head and then learn to sculpt the statue on wood. Must understand the Buddha's new soul. Now I can make a statue without pictures, just think in my head and do it. " According to Quy, younger generations now have more favorable conditions for learning, but it also takes them 2 years to master their hands and take many years to soak up the souls of Buddha statues. The church must have enough elements: metal - wood - water - fire - earth. In which, the needle is yellow in the statue, the wood is the water, the water is beautiful, the fire is used in the production process, before finishing a statue, artisans must use the land to plaster, "Unreal fruitless" is so. Mr. Quy said: "Where do not know, Son Dong still retain the craftsman sculpture, just like that to put the worker's mind into the statue. "The eyes have not seen the object, but the spirit of the hand that is out" - a general sentence, but the mind and talents of artists Son Dong village.

Silver manipulation manipulation "black gold"

From the dark, shaggy clay, craftsmen have deftly made statues, engravings of all shapes and rich. It is unique art products only in the area of ​​Ha Long, Cam Pha (Quang Ninh).

Since the late twentieth century, when French colonialism took hold of the coal, sculpture crafts on coal began to be formed. Through the hands of the talented miner, the creation of everyday objects at the beginning gradually developed, becoming skilled craftsmanship elaborate and creative. Looking at the shiny black statue was complete, few can imagine the elaborate work and care of the craftsmen. Mr. Mien An (Area 4, Hong Hai, Ha Long), who has more than 20 years experience in the industry, shared: "Coal used for processing must choose quite strict. The producer must choose pure coal (coal), old, strong, not acidic. Workers in our profession still transmit each other only the coal of Deo Nai, C Sau Sau (Cam Pha) has enough quality to create shapes, blocks. This charcoal is small with a few fingers to the large hugging people, the sculptor can be "chisel" at ease, there are familiar images of Ha Long Bay as Ga Choi, Lu Scents, sailboats, fishermen ... more sophisticated, there are Vietnamese girls, tigers, lions, dolphins or fancy furniture. From the copy, each of them tinkering to create the new image according to their own, in which the summit to portraiture to portraiture. "This kind of coal is not easy to use," says Mien An, "when sawing is very easy to crush or crumble, allowing very small errors. Cutting, hewing, polishing, pruning, to polishing products are handmade and require great precision. To create a beautiful, attractive, "artisans" need precision and persistence, meticulous. Will there be lost souls in coal? Nguyen Van Luan, former vice president of the Coal Handicraft Association, who has been working since the 1980s, said: "This is a long, historically handicraft-related craft. Establishment and development of mining land and working class (coal workers) from the French colonial age. There were times coal mining in Quang Ninh thrive, visitors not only purchase goods but also to visit the workshop, learn how to do. In the 90s of last century, Ha Long has "colony" Column Hai concentrated high skilled workers around the company Fine Arts - Quang Ninh. After the company dissolved, the craftsman came out to do his own workshop, then scattered gradually. Le Thanh Tong street at the foot of the Bai Tho in previous years "flooded" the shop display products, now only 1-2 houses remain. The craftsmen perceive, now in Ha Long, Cam Pha has only about 70 skilled workers with nearly 40 single households, mostly small scale, mainly produced on orders. As a person with more than 20 years in the profession, Mr. An said that both the input and output of art products from coal are not stable. The price of coal increased day by day, while the output of the product was constantly being squeezed by traders. Traditional craftsmen are under pressure to stay and develop their profession. Ms. Dang Thi Lan (zone 2, Hong Hai, Ha Long) confided: "Many people leave the profession because they can not support themselves anymore. That's right, when the output price is unstable. No management agency, every product made are squeezed seasonal price. Excluding coal raw materials, we have to buy with private prices, so expensive, sometimes to 20 million per ton. Lan said: "The price of 1kg of charcoal is now 15,000 VND (not including transportation), one lion can only sell 500,000 VND, raw material is 200,000 VND and takes 3 days. How much profit? According to Mien An, this job is dusty, toxic, but he is still attached to his day job. "I was a retired miner," he said. "He has been half his life with coal so he can not leave it now. If you do not have passion and love for charcoal, it is hard to make a living. " Perhaps also with that love, the famous sculptor of the mine named Tuan Loi, Tam Nham took charcoal as a composition material, over the purpose of making original artwork, creating valuable works. high art. However, difficulties from many sides made the carving workers scurry, the risk of shortage of generations nearby, young people do not want to learn his father's career, the workers such as Mien An, sister Dang Thi Lan always grieves that "traditional craftsmanship of the mining character is lost, while Quang Ninh, or narrower is Ha Long, are in need of specific products to serve the development of tourism. long-term calendar "?

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Dine before 4 delicious dishes made from cherry blossoms in the country of Japan

Spring, Japanese travel not only check out the cherry blossoms as clouds, but also love the four delicious dishes made from cherry flowers in the country of Japan.

Whether we have traveled to Japan or not, when referring to Japan we also think of cherry blossoms, the garden is rosy white as the clouds. However, not all people know that Japanese people use these beautiful flowers as a unique material to enhance the flavor of the food and drink of the country's sunrise.   Cherry Tea - Sakura Tea Sakura Tea is a traditional Japanese tea, usually made from salted petals. Cherry tea has a unique taste and unforgettable. As tea flows through the palate, the first feeling we feel is the salty taste, then the fragrant flowers open in the mouth and the subtle taste that remains in a few minutes.   There are two ways to prepare sakura tea: The most popular way to do this is to put one or two cherry blossom into each cup of tea and remove the salt from the flowers as you like before pouring hot water over the flowers. Then you will get a cup of light tea with the fragrant fragrance of cherry blossom and the intense of marinated strong flowers. Although eatable, flowers in tea are often not eaten.   For those who enjoy a light taste, it is best to first soak the flowers in warm water for five minutes. Then you put one or two flowers in a cup of tea and pour hot water on them. The aroma and salty taste can be adjusted by adding some salt water with a spatula.   A common variation is to add one or two green tea blossoms when pouring hot water on the leaves. Sakura tea is not only enjoyed in cherry blossom season, but also a great drink whenever you want to have a peaceful and happy moment. Therefore, this tea is also a popular drink in the wedding party of the Japanese.   Cherry Blossom - Sakura mochi Sakura mochi is an indispensable cake every blooming peach season. This is a traditional wagashi pastry in Japan, with the main ingredient is a pink rice shell that covers the red bean paste inside and outside with salted cherry leaves. When you eat you can enjoy this leaf.   The fragrance of leaves, sticky rice and beans mixed with sweet salty taste of each piece of bread in the mouth will make guests easily fascinated this cake, right from the first time enjoy. Buying a Japanese tour in March or April will make it easy to buy this cake at the annual Hina Matsuri Japanese Doll Festival.   Cherry Sakura Yokan Sakura Yokan is a kind of jelly made from traditional Japanese vegetable meal - kanten. The special feature of this dish is that each transparent yokan will retain an artistic "picture" that many people do not even eat.   Typically, the yokan is decorated with peach petals. Jasmine Cherry Blossom is a characteristic pink, sweet, cool, sweet aroma of Japanese summer specialties.   Cold cherry blossom Not only combined with pastries, cherries are also seasoned into marinated dough into noodles to create characteristic pink. Sakura cold noodles are very popular in Japan on summer days.   To make this type of noodles, it is often added a mixture of shiso and cherry blossom to create a distinctive pink color. This type of noodles are usually served with a simple soy sauce, so you can feel the aroma of cherry blossom through each noodles.   If you love the land of Japan and fall in love with this pure flower, you will be reluctant to book a tour of Japan to enjoy the great beauty of the land of Japan.

12 delicacies that visitors have to swallow saliva when walking the Thai market

Pad Thai, coconut cream, chicken noodle, choconana ... are the dishes that many visitors have to swallow saliva when walking Thai market. Because, street food, Thai night market has never disappointed tourists!

Pad Thai Pad Thai, also known as Thai stir-fried noodle soup, is the first of 12 dishes to suck saliva when shopping in Thailand. This dish is made on the spot, with simple ingredients but the taste is really indescribable.   Coconut cream Coconut cream is also a popular dish at Chatuchak weekend. This is a great meal both on sunny days and rainy days. The sweetness of cool ice cream, sweet, mixed with the aroma of coconut cakes, fruit jelly, along with the smell of roasted peanuts and corn makes every devotee cheers from the cheetah praise.   Thai fish salad Thai fish fry at the counter at Chatuchak market always bring attractive to the tourists. Stir fry in frying pan in a large saucepan, smelling delicious aroma is definitely delicious Thai food that you want to try. Biting a piece of chopped fish with the fragrance of lime leaves, the smell of the ship and beans, along with the mild spicy of chili sauce will make you "crush" the Golden Temple.   Scrambled eggs The grilled quail eggs, cooked in a large tray with a small hole as a cake tray is also a delicious dish that visitors swallow saliva when the Thai market. Although, this dish is nothing special, but also very fragrant and easy to eat so this dish is sold many stalls.   Seafood soup At this famous weekend market, you will meet a spanish man with a gourmet seafood soup, prepared in a large saucepan with lots of spices. Although a "foreign", but this is also a "specialty" of the Chatuchak market that all visitors can not ignore.   Chicken nuggets Chicken noodles are a great choice for lunch in Chatuchak. Chicken noodles with large pieces of thighs are tender, accompanied by delicious longan noodles, spicy broths bring a wonderful lunch and belly for customers want delicious Thai weekend market.   Mango sticky rice Mango is the "specialty" of Thai cuisine. So, when shopping around Chatuchak market and one of the best places to eat this dish is in the famous outdoor market. The sour taste of mango, mixed with coconut milk, served with white sticky rice makes a great taste.   Thai Donut Cake

Thai donuts are smaller in size than in other countries. This dish is also hot processed at the counter. Travelers often like to have hobbies, buy a few just walk the market just eat when you go to Chatuchak.   Papaya salad Som Tam Som tam tam is too familiar with those who love Thai cuisine all over the world. Dishes include green papaya, mango, cucumber, banana, cowpea ... with small pudding with sour, spicy sauce, but so delicious that even thought to swallow saliva.   Choconana Choconana is the name of this exotic dish, made from chocolate and banana, that is, frozen banana with chocolate and nuts, fresh noodles. The banana is cool, just plastic, add flavor from nuts or bitterness from chocolate will beat all the street food Thai people from the first piece.   Thai milk tea After trying all the delicacies that tourists have to salty salty when walking Thai market, a glass of Thai or red milk tea with a rich, sweet smell of milk, will help you dispel the hot sun and do Smooth stomach immediately.

Eel - specialty 4000 euros per pound of Spain

Eat meat is good, sweet and high value should be very popular market. In Spain, the first batch eel sold for more than 4,000 euros per kg per year, but the first time they see you have to wonder why so expensive. The eel is small, transparent, full of grease, smooth and crawling like tiny snakes, making many people afraid to cry. When cooked, the baby eels turn white, opaque, soft as dead.

Origin of Spanish eel The mystery surrounding the eel lies in their life cycle, a fairytale story. They live in fresh water but can breathe through the skin and move to other places, eating anything that is dead or alive. Eels can live up to 10 years and swim along the waterways of European rivers to the Indian Ocean and somehow reach the Sargasso Sea, some 5,000 km from the original site. At a depth of over 500m, the habitat is ideal for living in shallow freshwater, spawning and dying, hatching eggs flowing into the Gulf stream towards Europe. It was a journey that lasted at least two years. When the eels return to the coast of Spain, the fishermen will catch them with netting. Eel harvest season begins in November, the best time is in the middle of the night, the night and the rain, when the waves are strong, the water is cloudy and sluggish.   In the past, there were stories of Spaniards bringing these expensive eels as food for chickens and pigs. According to Manolo González, a San Sebastian cuisine writer and Cofradía del Ajo y el Perejil secretary of the city: "When I was young, around the 1950s, 1960s, We eat a lot of eels at that time, and by the 1970s, famous Basque restaurants like Arzak started to cook them. " Currently, eel is not only scarce but also very "fashionable". This dish is still a lot of people looking for buy despite the price. "Monopoly always plays a big part in the gourmet world," González said. For example, 5,000 euros a bottle is too expensive for real quality, but for many it is worth the money to show the wealth. Recognizing that the eel does not have any special taste, González loves his crunchiness. For a gastronomist, on a special occasion, 80 euros for aperitif is not out of reach. Why are eels in Spain so expensive? Lots of fine food does not have eye-catching looks, what's important here is their taste. But even the taste is not special, but eel is expensive, up to 1,000 euros / kg. Spanish people also find it difficult to understand why so many people are willing to spend enough money to buy food, including Mike Randolph, a BBC Travel writer. As a journalist specializing in food and culture, Mile always finds the fascination of what he wants to find out. Just like the eel, it's special because of the traditional recipes, garlic, chili fried with olive oil and then added eel, which can enhance the flavor of the dish. . The market price is always high, but eel in the first annual catch is always the highest price. In 2016, the first batch weighs 1.25 kg sold for 5,500 euros, but the second batch weighs the equivalent of 1070 euros. Why is there such a difference in the two catches, whether the same buyer? Randolph went looking for José Gonzalo Hevia, the buyer of that year, and was the owner of the Casa Tista restaurant in Asturias (autonomous community in Spain) for a reason.   "It's a respect for fishermen, it's a bit of advertising for my restaurant," said Gonza Hevia, "It was a media event. The next day, my restaurant name appeared in newspapers, TV channels. " One particular thing Gonza Hevia was once was a fisherman catching eels. It is the widespread that the restaurant receives more guests. There are diners returning to the restaurant 20 to 30 times per eel. Randolph asked why this particular dish was Gonza Hevia: "It's the fish itself that's better than all else." But with Randolph it is not very special, when eating eel his son has slippery feeling and slightly brittle. Still wondering how many people paid a hefty sum to buy eels, Randolph went to Arima, a Basque restaurant in Madrid and talked to chef Rodrigo García Fonseca. Garcia Fonseca processed and served up to 3 kilograms of eel for just one week in January, also with traditional recipes. "I would not pay so much money to eat them," he said, "and they do not have a special taste or color, even a scent. The guests here have ordered to pay a kilogram of baby eels, the price is 500 euros. Many people have money and prefer to spend money. "

Another reason for the expensive eel is the dams, the natural habitat is being affected, and the number of fish is decreasing and they are on the danger list. Over-fishing also contributes to higher fish prices.

However, in the Basque region (mid-central Spain and southwestern France), the eel is a traditional Christmas Eve, New Year and San Sebastian on January 20 every year. So, on special holidays, eating eel is still a traditional custom. It's a culture and people want to be in it.

The dreaded 5-course Asian food is still "swirling" in the mouth

Asian cuisine is rich and unique in the world. But perhaps more people will have "eyes A, mouth O" when enjoying these fresh dishes. The fish, small shrimp dance in the pot or even the mouse is still alive ..., not processed but eat directly with spices. Despite the "scary" look but these dishes are considered special because the flavor is unforgettable.

  1. Thai Dancing Fish in Son La, Vietnam Vietnam is also on this list with a very unique and famous dishes of the Thai only in Son La. The small fish are alive, jumping in the pots are cooked directly by Thai people in Son La and brought to the mouth. Strange eating is so, but diners everywhere rub praise and admiration for a unique culinary background. When eaten, fish must be alive, processed and eaten at the table. The fish is taken directly from the pot, using a small knife to swallow the fish belly, squeeze the intestines out and drop quickly into the meal mix. When the fish must be quick to keep fish alive, release can also be broken. The slaughter to where it is eaten, so fresh crisp fresh meat, no smell fishy. Each diner uses a small spoon with fish and banana juice and sour water to mouth to enjoy. Fish selection criteria are extremely important, fish should be raised in natural ponds or caught at source, away from residential areas. The catch must be alive, drop into clean water pots and healthy swimming is satisfactory. This dish is processed quite simply but requires a full range of ingredients, including fresh banana seeds, herbs (smells, basil, dill, etc.), spices, salt, chilli and especially can not lack of sweeteners (special spices of the Thai). All must be chopped into a mixture of sour, spicy, intense and characteristic aroma. These ingredients are both created, both work to reduce the smell of fish jumping. 2. Dancing in Thailand "Goong Ten" is a native of Isan, northeastern Thailand. Goong Ten is made from small live shrimps, juggling with mixed spices. Spices used to mix this strange food usually have herbs and peppers. One of the special features of this dish is that after the shrimp is mixed with spices to enjoy immediately, when the live shrimp can feel the shrimp is dancing in the mouth like. The spice used for Gong Ten includes a little bit of sweetness, a lot of dried chilies, fish sauce and especially a little lemon juice, creating a taste that is both tart and peppery. So it does not cause boredom, but it is extremely attractive. In addition, the Thai dip is also attractive because it is used a lot of herbs such as coriander, scallion, scallion, onion, and chopped small scent to create a special aroma that makes it more steamed. lead over. According to the experience of those who try to eat, although this fresh dish is quite scary, but because the shrimp is very fresh, it tastes like melted in the mouth. Especially, the sweet taste of the shrimp mixed with the spicy, spicy, salty ... so very well eaten, not afraid of fear as many people think. 3. Live rat food in China   Considered to be one of the most horrible food in the world, live rat or San Zhi Er in China will make many people tremble even "cry out" when enjoying. But according to many people, eating this dish will help "kidney, kidney disease" and enhance physiology. The main ingredients of the dish are the newborn mice. These young mice were previously fed honey to make them sweet, then to stay raw on the plate. Apart from this main ingredient there are other spices such as herbs, but the decision is still a sauce specially prepared to dip the mouse before enjoying. With this special diet, the rat is also called the "three screams" by the Chinese. Because it is thought that when using the chopsticks to touch the mice to pick them up, they will panic and "scream" first. When dipped in sauce, they will "scream" the second. And the last "scream", expressing the extreme panic of the newly born mice is when they are placed in the mouth of the eaters. . After this scream, the mouse would not feel anything anymore, but the food is very satisfied with the sweetness of the dish. 4. Dancing Ink of Japan Japan is famous for its salty fish salad, but if you have the chance to see people eat this dancing ink can make you cry out. This dish, also called Odori-don, consists of a fresh cut head cuttlefish, presented on a bowl of salted eggplant rice and vegetables. When they are soaked in soy sauce, the tentacles of the squid begin to shrink, or in other words, "dance".   This is an interesting illustration of the chemical reaction between sodium in soy sauce and a good combination Fresh squid in the tentacles of squid. In Odori-don, the cuttlefish was cut off and the head was dead. But when pouring the soy sauce on the tentacles will create a kind of electrical impulse, creating convulsions as if the squid are still alive and "dancing."
This dish comes from the sushi restaurant Ikkatei Tabiji in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido's most famous specialty is fresh squid. And with the attraction of Odori-don, this dish is gradually being replicated in many parts of Japan. 5. Octopus live in Korea Live octopus (also known as sannakji) is a popular Korean dish, served with sesame, sesame oil. This dish is rich in nutrients but not everyone dares to try when watching the sight of the live octopus waving in front of the eyes.   When eating, people will cut the fresh octopus and when enjoying, diners still feel the tentacles still in the mouth.   This live dish is supposed to help improve health but if not careful can be dangerous because the tentacles are firmly attached to the palate, easily choking. Although there have been some deaths from eating raw octopus, this is still a specialty that many Koreans enjoy.

Ten Asian restaurants won the Oscars in 2018

Top 50 best restaurants in Asia voted by more than 300 industry experts in the restaurant, CNN like the 'Oscar cuisine'. Here are the top 10 Asian restaurants to win in 2018.

1. Gaggan Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   For the fourth consecutive year, Indian restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok has won one of the top 10 best restaurants in Asia in 2018. Chef Gaggan Anand, 22, shared his secret: "Did we succeed? It is a recipe or a dish, which is how we refresh the space of the restaurant. Every 4 months we change 80% of our menu.
2. Den Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Den's restaurant in Tokyo is a place where gourmets can not be ignored. Because of this, the restaurant is known for its traditional culinary style cherry blossom. At the same time, international influences can be realized when you taste traditional Japanese dishes in Hasegawa's eight-course menu.   3. Florilege Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Adding a restaurant in Tokyo to the list of the 10 best restaurants in Asia in 2018 offers an innovative combination of premium French cuisine and traditional Japanese ingredients. The main chef of the restaurant is Hiroyasu Kawate, a person with imagination, creativity plentiful.   4. Suhring Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   This is the restaurant of two brothers Thomas Cook and Mathias Suhring. Other than what you expect in a bustling Bangkok restaurant, Suhring brings a surprise German flavor in Thailand. Thus, Sühring is part of the new wave of Bangkok.   5. Odette Restaurant, Singapore   Housed in the National Gallery of Singapore, Odette is a timeless gourmet dining spot by chef Julien Royer and inspired by her grandmother Odette. He opened Odette's door in 2015, just after nine months of running the restaurant has won two Michelin stars. Therefore, this is also one of the 10 best restaurants in Asia this year.   6. Narisawa Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   According to Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, the Narisawa restaurant specializes in Satoyama cuisine, a land of admirable natural beauty near Kyoto. In one of the 10 best restaurants in Asia with 2 Michelin stars, each dish has a story and a theme of respect for nature.   7. Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong   Amber is a two-star Michelin restaurant located on The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in central Hong Kong. Chef Richard Ekkebus serves and presents modern French cuisine in a contemporary, elegant setting designed by Adam Tihany.   8. Ultraviolet Restaurant, Shanghai, China   The restaurant is highly rated thanks to a menu of 20 dishes named "pleasant dining experience" by chef Paul Pairet. This first restaurant combines food with sentimental sensory technology to create an immersive dining experience. Every night, this is Asia's best restaurant with only 10 guests enjoying a great dinner here.    9. Nihonryori Ryugin Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan   Chef Seiji Yamamoto said the Nihonryori Ryugin restaurant offers modern, seasonal cuisine based on the traditional kaiseki cuisine. Thus, Ryugin has three Michelin stars and topped the Top 10 Best Asian Restaurants of this year.   10. Nahm Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand   Always ranked in the list of 10 best Asian restaurants, Nahm serves Thai dishes prepared in antique recipes with a focus on the taste and texture of quality ingredients. high interact with each other. Whether you are a long-time visitor to Bangkok or a first-time visitor, Nahm cuisine will surely satisfy you.

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Floating market floating Long Xuyen

The Mekong Delta has hundreds of markets gathered in the river; Boutiques, stalls and means of transport are all by boat, boat of all kinds and large. Whether large or small, the floating market has the same lifestyle and buy the same. Long Xuyen floating market is not famous but has the opportunity to visit, visitors still feel the rustic style of the people of Nam River.

About 2 km from the center of Long Xuyen city, down the boat ferry O Lau sailed across a river crossing the Long Xuyen floating market. The big boats are closely monitored, sometimes even tied together in groups of agricultural products, people go back and forth between the boats as if going through the adjacent stalls or houses in the street. In the picture is a row of bananas.   Agricultural products, fruits of all kinds, such as banana, grapefruit, coconut, pineapple, mandarin, orange, papaya ... around the focus on selling to the bowl and will be transferred to the city for consumption. Boat rafts come in and out, bustling up and down. The bustling laughter of the cheerful buyer echoed across the river.   Like other floating markets, people hang the fruit on the pole (called the candy) to advertise items to buy, to sell. Hang on a corner of the river crowded boat, it is also available for sale. Small boats are washed between the boats ready to serve beverages, coffee and breakfast items such as rice noodles, noodles, noodles ... Petrol also has a mobile shop, and mechanical repair shops are always on hand, ready to serve on the spot. Houses on the shore to the river also, Floating family houses also and even the boats are also houses of floating market residents. Except for water for cooking, drinking, all other needs are water from the river.   The floor area on the roof of the boat is narrow but the space is large enough for the children to live on the boat dropping kites flying soaring into the sky. Do not know these children have the wings for adults to dream in life, escape from this bồng river floating?

Visit Co Tu market

The families of A Nong, A Tieng, A Vuong and Tr'Hy bring back products such as chopped vegetables, bananas, cassava, sugarcane, buffalo horns, Pongang sticky rice, fragrant, honey ...

 Three days in the last weekend in Tay Giang district took place the first highland market in Quang Nam for the Co Tu. Ms. C'Lau Thi Hoa from Tr'Hy highland said: "The sisters are trusted by relatives, delivery to the market session to sell. We go from yesterday, come here very happy, many buyers, if the sale of this often, the Tr'Hy people themselves can escape from poverty.     Ms. A Râl Mai Tinh, a teacher of Tay Giang High School, said that for the first time, a fair market was held for Co Tu to earn more income and create habits of buying and selling, production methods, conception of trafficking for Co Tu women.   This market is organized by the People's Committee of Tay Giang district in collaboration with Malteser, a German non-governmental organization operating in the field of forest protection, based in Tay Giang. According to Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, coordinator of the Malteser program in Danang, organizing regular trade fairs to help Co Tu women have the habit of trading and turning agricultural products into commodities in order to increase their income, thereby contributing to the increased role of women in the family and society.   It is hoped that from this session, the official fair will be held on the 23rd of each month, will begin to form in people a sense of market demand, then will set up clubs, groups Growing vegetables, raising bamboo shoots, raising chickens ... help people raise their incomes, step by step reduce poverty.

5 oldest and most famous market in Saigon

In addition to the unique architecture such as the Church of the Virgin or the Reunification Palace, Saigon also has long-standing markets and is also considered the symbol of this city.
In addition to the historical values, the architecture of the markets below is a busy market of Saigon, attracting a large number of tourists visiting and shopping. 1. Ben Thanh Market Located in the list of typical locations of the city, Ben Thanh Market is always an interesting shopping stop for those who have the opportunity to set foot in Saigon, and is one of the oldest markets here. Operating from 1914 up to now, this 100-year-old market is not only a busy place, but also a witness of the changing history, ups and downs of the city and the old Saigon. . This place is focused on many items, from clothes, thick sandals, fabrics, handicrafts, brocade, jewelry to specialty foods. With traditional values, long life, the market attracted a lot of foreign tourists to visit and shopping. Here you will find all languages ​​to trade. At night, around Ben Thanh market gathered into a crowded night market, creating a vibrant and colorful Saigon.   Address: Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1. 2. Binh Tay Market The market at the west gate of the city is always one of the destinations marked in the tourist map of many visitors. Operating from 1930 to present, the market is built with the style of East Asia. The corners of the roof winding in the style of Oriental pagodas, roofed yin and yang ancient, fresh air, cool. The special spot of the market is in the middle of a large courtyard sky creating cool space and use natural light in a harmonious way. In addition to the special features of architecture, Binh Tay Market is also the busiest center of Saigon with many kinds of items. This place attracts the majority of people buy and sell professional because most of the goods are wholesalers and moved to the southwestern provinces. If you intend to shop for household appliances, electronics on the occasion of Saigon visit Binh Tay market is where you should go, because the seller is always friendly welcome and affordable price.   Address: Thap Muoi Street, Ward 2, District 6. 3. Tan Dinh Market The historic market of this city is always the famous and familiar destination of many Saigon people. Built in 1926, the main gate of the market is designed quite nicely. The place of business of many items, of which the most famous are the cloth and food. Food stalls at this market are always appreciated by diversified, delicious and attractive dishes such as rice noodles, crab soup, crab soup, fruit dish and especially chicken sticky rice. come. Especially if you need to buy cheap fabrics, Tan Dinh is always the choice of many families and tourists from all over. Address: Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1. 4. An Dong Market Being one of the central markets of the city, An Dong market is filled with sympathy of the elderly people who once attached to Saigon. With over 56 years of existence, An Dong Market contributes greatly to the circulation of goods in the central area of ​​Saigon. If you need to buy the latest fashion models, the An Dong market is the most appropriate, because many people evaluate the fastest update of fashion items such as clothing, shoes, fabrics ... In addition to wholesale selling, the upper floor of the market also have hotels and banks convenient for tourists to rest, exchange money in the shopping tour. Address: An Duong Vuong Street, Ward 9, District 5. 5. Ba Chieu Market As one of the oldest retail markets in Saigon, the name of this market is attached to many people in Saigon and Binh Thanh area from far away. Located in a beautiful and convenient location, daily market attracts a large number of visitors to shopping as well as sightseeing. Major merchants in this market are clothing, footwear, fruit and food. The price is quite cheap so suitable for all objects to shop. Especially, Ba Chieu market has bustling business market. Night markets are not open in cage houses, but are concentrated in front of the market, mainly for clothing, footwear and nightly food. Late at night, the night market becomes more bustling by the items such as flowers, fruit poured on each need to tear up before the market.

Uniquely Dong Van market on the east

Dong Van Market is located in the middle of the old town of Dong Van (Meo Vac, Ha Giang).

No one knows Dong Van Market - Ha Giang has ever since. Every Sunday, people around the area come here to trade, sell the produce of the growers or produce themselves. Dong Van market always starts in the mist and damp by the climate characteristic of this area. Someone must go from 3 am, cross the mountains to get down to the market. To the market, often the whole family will go to the market together. Ladies and mothers go to the market to buy and sell; Husbands go to the market to exchange alcohol, eat triumph; the children go to the market, ..

Have fun with the market of beef cat Vac

Ha Giang has a very special market, which is the bull market took place every Sunday in Meo Vac district. The market is not only a place for ethnic people to trade but also exchanges, exchange of experience and especially this is a remarkable point to develop local tourism.

Meo Vac is located in the valley of peace, but every Sunday morning as a new clothes. Thousands of ethnic people with all kinds of costumes down the market. They walk tens of kilometers from the Tat Nga, Khau Vai, Son Vi, Sóc Mang ... to the town. In the countless hilarious sounds of the market, I was especially impressed with the music of the lilac. Mr. Gold Mi Mi, Pa Pa A village, Meo Vac town, shared: Today he brought 4 cows, now sold 3 children. Each child also earned nearly 1 million. Anh is talking about the remaining cow with Mr. Vu Mi Po. Mr. Vu Mi Po, in Giang Chu Phin commune, Meo Vac district view each cow in the market. He wants to find a beautiful cow, so please choose carefully. Mr. Po said that he had just sold a big cow, now wants to buy a smaller cow to raise. Each market has hundreds of cows for sale, traders buy cattle mainly in the downstream. The cattle markets in the uplands are not heavily traded, people come to the market to meet friends, talk, drink a cup of wine after working days. The unique cattle market in the highlands has long become an attractive tourist destination in Ha Giang. Grandparents Marco, Italian tourists for the first time to Ha Giang and really fascinated by the uniqueness of the market Mr. Do Hieu Nghia, Head of Ethnic Division of Meo Vac district said: Meo Vac is the biggest cattle market in Ha Giang province, which was formed for a long time, but only really developed since Meo district Vac has a policy to promote the development of buffaloes and cattle (from 2000 to present). Meo Vac market in addition to economic significance is also associated with the image of the local culture is getting out of poverty from raising cattle goods.

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Egg salad - an attractive street food in Can Tho

Crispy crispy papaya with sour taste and pungent become famous snack in Can Tho. This is quite popular in the city recently. If you have a chance to visit Can Tho can enjoy it on the roads in the center. From the clinic to the sidewalk, although there are different ways of processing, but this dish is attractive to diners by easy to do, easy to eat.

Although the processing is simple, but the preparation is no less elaborate. First of all, people must choose the old papaya, picking new, hard meat when the new fiber crispy, delicious. Add the seeds, chopped seeds, chopped into cold water with lemon juice, salt or alum to leave the pus and bitter. Then rinse and squeeze the water out to the basket is usable. The salad is especially attractive when combined with shrimp, eggs and pork. Shrimp is usually cooked in the normal way, boiled and peeled. Piglets are thin and boiled until cooked under small fire to keep the crispness without getting shriveled. Eggs are fried with gold, nursed with the aroma of onion and garlic. When sold to guests, they give the following in turn: papaya, some shrimp, pigskin, a few slices of eggs, add a little dried shrimp. Sprinkle with some herbs, peanuts and finely chopped some tablespoons of lemon juice, garlic, chili. Salad is not good without the spicy sauce. The elaborate here is the mixing phase. Fish sauce must be enough to ensure the salty, sweet aroma of the sauce, sour sour vinegar or lemon, the spicy but not too concentrated of chili. Then after enjoying, guests want to add a little fish sauce, although in the stomach still want to eat more. When eating diners less papaya yam, shrimp pieces, eggs, pig skin wand in fish sauce, eat delicious without food. You will find attractive by the harmonious combination between the orange red color of the papaya, the yellow color of the egg, the green of the aromatic herbs and other strange.

Smoked grilled onion - specialty of Nam Du beach

Smoked grilled onion and porridge are the dishes are no stranger to the sea tourism, but in each region, nhum has its own charm and flavor. Here are two dishes made from sea urchins (urn) that travelers should not miss in Nam Du.

Smoked grease onion Nhum often spawn in March - June lunar calendar, so if you go at this time, you can enjoy the nhum first season is very delicious. In Nam Du, skilled seafarers often know the caves and cliffs in which they live. Getting the right way, otherwise it will be dangerous because the sting. The chef will cut off all the spikes, wash them, cut them out and put them on the grill. Smoked meat is pinkish-white, eating flesh. Although each of the children are large size but the meat is not much. To make the right dishes, one must not forget to put the two most basic ingredients are green onion and greens, accompanied by a little bit of peanut in the roast to bake together. When greased pork fat and lemongrass are golden, accompanied by the characteristic aroma of onion, the dish is finished. Depending on the taste you leave or add a little lemon salt. Rattlesnake baked onion grease has a fleshy smell of nhum, has combined the taste of fat onions, the taste of peanuts. The journey to explore Nam Du will be incomplete if you do not enjoy this delicacy. Porridge You will enjoy porridge in all tours to Nam Du. The boat has just left the big island, the boat rafters are ready to serve tourists. After cleaning, the chef scraped the meat off. It is usually attached to the trunk, forming the trunk. To make the porridge delicious, one must use freshly caught. So, enjoying porridge porridge on the boat will be a pleasant dining experience and right for visitors to Nam Du. To taste more flavor, the cook will marinate the meat with spices with spices such as pepper, onions. Then the ingredients will be fried to add flavor and blend together and then poured into the boiling porridge boiling, stirring and fast to eat hot bowl. This is considered to be nutrient rich and delicious mouth strange. After a few hours of exploring and swimming on the beach, a bowl of hot porridge, aromatic aromas of flavor will leave you tired, enjoying and enjoying the scenery of Nam Du.

10 slices of grilled meat for the summer holidays

Grilled meat dishes, meat skewers with vegetables always attract gourmets. Here are 10 attractive barbecue dishes for the summer holidays that you can make yourself relatives and family enjoy.

  1. Grilled chicken breast with tomato and atiso   It is best to marinate the chicken overnight if you have enough time or can marinate for 30 minutes. You can skewer chicken, artichoke and goat milk instead of cream cheese. This dish is served with salad for a simple yet delicious dinner. Main material: • Chicken legs • Heart of artichoke • Tomato • goat cheese • Greek yogurt   Beef Balsamic   Balsamic beef is quite easy to make with accompanying spices such as vinegar, mustard, oil and spices. Add onion skewers with beef and then bake on charcoal stove. Main material: • Grilled beef tenderloin • Balsamic vinegar • Dijon mustard • Garlic • Red chili   3. Philippine chicken meat marinated with coconut milk and grilled honey   Chicken marinated with coconut water, soy sauce, lemon juice, honey and vinegar then boil fire to dry up and then skewers on the kitchen. Main material: • Chicken or thighs • Soy sauce • Coconut milk canned • Rice vinegar • Honey 4. Grilled chicken with peach   Delicious taste of grilled chicken with spicy taste, sweet of black sugar, honey, cinnamon, ginger and chili. Marinate the chicken with spices and simmer until dry and sliced ​​to bring the aromatic grill. Cuoocis are eaten together with fresh peaches. Main material: • Chicken legs • Digging • Go • molasses • Spice   5. Grilled chicken breast marinated with mango watermelon   If cooking is your favorite, this is the place for you. Chicken marinated with chilli powder and then bring the aromatic grill. This dish is served with mango and sliced ​​watermelon. Main material: • Chicken breast • Lemon spices • Watermelon • Mango • Paprika   6. Sriracha Shrimp   Grilled Sriracha baked skewers are very simple. Main material: • Fresh shrimp • Butter • Sriracha • Lemon   7. Grilled salmon roast with ginger onion   Sliced ​​grilled salmon with ginger slices, scallion salted spicy lemongrass is really attractive. You can eat with vegetables. Main material: • Shrimp • Zucchini • Lemon • Scallion • Ginger   8. Chilean roasted beef steak with Chimichurri sauce   Slice beef with onion, tomatoes and bring to the grill. Then sprinkle with the chimichurri sauce. Main material: • Beef tenderloin • Garlic • Go • Lemons • Scallion   9. Grilled chicken   Forget about all the chicken in BBQ, as this is marinated chicken with BBQ sauce mixed with sugar and spices. Then mix in the flour and bake on the kitchen. The crispy dish is salty. Main material: • Skinless chicken breast or chicken breast • Green pepper • Bacon • BBQ Sauce   10. Grilled Hawaiian skewers with lemon Sriracha butter   Grilled marinated chicken, pineapple, chili and BBQ sauce and spread Sriracha butter. Main material: • Chicken or thighs • BBQ Sauce • Cilantro • Pineapple • Pepper is Poblano The delicious and easy-to-do barbecue grill that you can make yourself at home enjoy the family enjoyment during the weekend.

Kirby Café - Kirby's Paradise for Japanese fans

Game developers in Japan are constantly building eateries, cafes, etc., with the theme of game characters, cartoons or comics. In August, Nintendo has just released a Kirby café and of course the main theme of the restaurant is the character Kirby.

About Kirby Café If you are a fan of Anime and manga in Japan then you are no stranger to characters such as Mario, Songoku, Luffy, Pikachu, Kirby, .... These characters are attached to the last generation 8x to 9x, 10x. In Japan, cafes and eateries designed with fictional characters have become very familiar. The proof of the problem is that a slew of character shops such as pikachu, Mario have been erected and quickly replicated throughout Japan.   Not to stop with these two characters, in August Nintendo gaming maker has just launched a cafe with the main character is Kirby. The first Kirby Café was built in Osaka, Japan. Visit the Kirby Café in Japan When you come to Kirby Café, you will feel like you are in a museum about Kirby. A number of Kirby games, as well as countless comic books and cartoons are on display here. Not stop there, the cake, candy in the store are shaped around the main character.   The majority of tourists or local visitors to the restaurant are a fan of this fictional character. Of course, when it comes out, most people buy themselves a gift to celebrate when they come to this cafeteria.

Enjoy the specialties of Hoian Dam

Why is not the other name is "cake beat", many people have asked the first time to hear this country gift. Simply because the cake before eating must hit it in the right way.

It is said that when the new appearance of rice paper making, the residents here see new hot and white cakes so delicious to try. Immediately add two pieces of thinly crumbled new thin crusted cake grated a layer of wet cake and then use the fist to smash the layer of baked bread crumbs, sticking to the wet cake layer, so that the dish more and more poetic. So, when the rice cake they are "beat the cake" to please your husband, children, grandchildren. According to the guideline "delicious, healthy, cheap", the cake beat quickly occupy an important position in the heart of the people, became breakfast in the morning, some people brought to the field to eat half the work session more ... Gradually, the pancakes are not only found in the villages and lanes but also become famous culinary specialties. Whether in the restaurant or in the people's homes, sidewalks ..., battered sandwiches have contributed to honor Hoi An's land "hundreds of delicious things." Dishes look simple but each step of cake is very thorough. To make the cake taste sweet, white face, smooth scent to choose the kind of rice, plasticity moderate. Rice is washed thoroughly, soak for several hours to soften. Often, the glazed rollers have to get up very early. Rice paper, using thin glue powder and cover up, do not leave the cake too ripe. At the ripe one hand using the thin bamboo skillfully trickle down the edge of the cake to get the cake out of the mold, the other hand poured new batches. As such, the soft, transparent, thin silk cake was born. A large block of cake containing a few hundred leaves was left in a brass pan, the seller must use his fingertips to roll lightly at the edge of the block to remove the leaves of paste onto the hot rolls of crispy bread. Very light, with hands on the cake baked cake, now the cake up the smell of sesame. The highlight of this dish is the sauce. The fish sauce is made from charcoal fish caught at Cu Lao Cham seaport. How to mix to a comparatively brown, brown color of the sauce, red measurement of satay and most importantly the taste must be all "Quang quality", a bit thin, salty but a bit sweet and hot spicy So just toss the bread into small pieces of about two fingers, dot sauce into the mouth chewing. Alas, the fatty taste of rice in the new season, crispy baked rolls, the plasticizer of the wet cake added to the salty taste, sweet, spicy sauce of fish sauce, occasionally encountered a few pieces of onions fragrant nose. Almost every guest who eats the cake also smiled because of the spicy but still hand holding the cake for the mouth. It is not surprising that in Hoi An rustic beater, very popular is present each morning, every evening and becomes a delicious snack to many visitors. Wandering in the streets, next to the row of restaurants with high-end specialties, dumplings - cauldrons, wonton, corn, Quang noodles ... you will find the corner of the cake sale. Or just strode across Cam Nam bridge, across the Hoai River dreaming easily recognize dozens of restaurants specializing in selling rice crackers, which are also crowded. Not too tasty, but always crowded. People come and go still recognize a dating from the cake is very simple, but also packed the heart of the street people.