Thursday, April 19, 2018

10 The experience must try when traveling Nha Trang 2018

Nha Trang has long become an attractive tourist paradise in Vietnam. It is well known for many beautiful landscapes that sometimes you will be very difficult in choosing what to do, where to play, where is not? Going to Long Beach, visiting Ponagar Tower, mud bathing, playing water sports ... are experiences recommended for visitors should try to Nha Trang.

Sea bathing beaches Long Going to sea can not stop swimming right? Nha Trang beach is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in our country. Especially in Long beach, the sand here is smooth and wonderful, the sea is blue, the eyes clear and the surrounding mountains create an enchanting wild landscape that attracts visitors to explore. Van Phong Bay About 80 km from Nha Trang city, Van Phong Bay attracts tourists by its pristine appearance. Being on the blue sea to visit the islands, dive into the coral and enjoy fresh seafood is an unforgettable experience.   Sea games Nha Trang tourism can not not dive into sea view coral. In Nha Trang there are 3 islands famous for your choice to dive into the beautiful coral that is Hon Mun, Hon Tam and Hon Lao. These are beautiful and romantic islands in Nha Trang with diversified marine life to create the richest and most beautiful aquarium in Vietnam.   In addition, you can try motor moped, flying parachute, fly-board ... are interesting adventure games and attractions in Nha Trang. Especially should try to cross the sea by cable car Vinpearl land - experience that can only be described by a word is "great." The feeling is suspended on the cable car surfing on the sea, so that you can see the panoramic view of Nha Trang with the fresh blue of the sea and the ship backward will give you the unforgettable impression in the period. his break. Nha Trang mineral mud bath   Nha Trang's muddy brand is extremely famous, even it is brought to Phu Quoc island to serve tourists. The reason is because the mineral mud contains many minerals that have good effects on skin and health. Being immersed in hot mineral water and mud after a day exploring Nha Trang will help dispel fatigue after a long day exploring the coastal city. Nha Trang has three famous mud bath center Thap Ba, Ho Honey Resort and I-Resort.   Nha Trang homestay close to the sea If you want to find a new feeling when coming to Nha Trang beach, try stopping at the beautiful homestay right in the sea! More important here is the paradise for people "selfie" nhé. It is S.House located in 20 Bac Son, Vinh Hai or Ccasa Hostel is located in 24 stars Sea and both homestay are only 200m from the sea. Or just a little further, Tabalo Hostel on the lively Nguyen Thien Thuat street is just a 4 minute walk away.   Visit the Ponagar Tower This is the largest remaining population of Cham Pa in Central Vietnam, containing significant historical and cultural values. The towers are built of very tight brick, can not see the mortar circuit. When visiting here, visitors need to wear long clothes or borrow a coat by the management of her tower free.   Take the Bar at night Not as bad as other places, bars in Nha Trang are very healthy so you can rest assured. If you go to Nha Trang without trying Bar once to explore the vibrant rhythm of the night in this dream city is indeed a shortage. The Sailing Club is an extremely popular bar and is loved by both domestic and international visitors. The Sailing Club offers a great view of the sea and the open space is extremely pleasant.   Nha Trang Oceanography Institute The in-house Museum of Marine Life will provide visitors with a wonderful experience of 20,000 specimens of more than 4,000 species. In particular, the museum features a giant whale skeleton nearly 26 m long, 3 m high. Enjoy Nha Trang cuisine Nha Trang Seafood is famous for its freshness, variety and reasonable price. Guests can enjoy the shrimp, scallops, snails ... along with cool beer mugs at the restaurants on the embankment, Tran Phu Street, the village ..   Nha Trang cakes are very delicious, baked in the special oven of the Cham, with many kinds of beans such as beef, shrimp, squid ... and covered with a layer of eggs on top. It is great to enjoy a hot plate of freshly baked cake with sweet and sour sauce, fresh onion, green mango and fiber. Running motorcycles along Tran Phu Street Tran Phu is a beautiful coastal road of Nha Trang. Sitting on a motorbike along the way you will be able to enjoy the glittering blue water in the sunshine, the brilliant pink flowers, unique restaurants, Tram Huong tower

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