Sunday, April 15, 2018

10 interesting experiences when coming to Hoi An Ancient Town

Enjoying typical cuisine, walking the old town at night, dropping flower lights ... is the unforgettable experience when coming to Hoi An ancient town.

1. Enjoy typical cuisine in Hoi An
The best cuisine in Hoi An is Cao Lau. High floor is actually a noodle, is full of sour, spicy, chewy, sweet of raw vegetables, aroma of fish sauce, aromatic, soy sauce, gravy ... and crunchy slices of grease dissolved in the mouth. You can eat at the raft houses in the market or restaurants along Bach Dang Street.
2. Walk the old town at night Surely this will be a very interesting and romantic experience. Walking under the ancient streets of Hoi An, you will find yourself in a light party with thousands of lanterns shining brightly. The most beautiful, shimmering to mention the banks of the Hoai River with lights, fluorescent water. The more beautiful the old town with a heavy static, seductive old-fashioned
3. Release flower lights In the evening you can go along the Hoai River to admire the scenery and participate in the flower lights. Your hands will drop the lights into the river to pray for peace for the family, relatives. Besides the lantern, the flower is also a feature of Hoi An ancient town.
4. Breakfast with local specialties The dishes are usually sold in the morning including instant noodles, high floor, pudding ... After eating you can go around the market to discover the life here as well as bring home specialty gifts. Hoi An.
5. Drink coffee on the street Hoi An has two large toad cafés in the morning. Sipping a cup of coffee, reading a good book, admiring the ancient, wild and tranquil atmosphere is an experience you should not miss if taking a tour Hoi An.
6. Admire the architecture of the old houses Finding old houses on the street and exploring the architecture, their dates will also make you especially interested in those who love history, architecture, and art.
7. Take a photo in Hoi An Hoi An ranked third in the list of the best selfie photos in the world. So do not miss the opportunity to take selfies photos at places such as Bridge Pagoda, Alley Lane, Hoai River.
8. Buy a souvenir If you walk in the evening you will not have to buy souvenirs at a souvenir shop in the Old Town. Buying a lantern brings both a warm gift and good luck to the gift giver.
9. Visit Cam Ha flower village Cam Ha is a famous traditional flower village in Hoi An. Here you will feel the charm and small hospitality of the people.
10. Take the ferry through Cam Kim
Here you will hear artisans about their father's father was invited to the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty to build and embellish the works.

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