Wednesday, April 18, 2018

10 locations of wedding photography ideal in Da Nang

Nowadays, many couples associate with wedding photography. Here are 10 ideal locations in Da Nang for couples to take impressive wedding photos and romantic.
1. Ba Na Hill   If you want your wedding photos to look beautiful and classic and modern, couples take pictures in Ba Na Hill. This is the ideal wedding venue in Da Nang with stunning mountain scenery in the fog. At Ba Na Hill, there are romantic châteaux and luxury resorts that will make your wedding photos look real.   2. Sun Wheel   Sun Wheel - the top 10 rounds of the world's highest, the new pride of Da Nang. This is an impressive scene for the couple's wedding photos. Take a photo at the Sun Wheel couples will have pictures of the modern look, fullness that probably many years later to see you will feel very interesting.   3. East Sea Park   A unique wedding location in Da Nang is the East Sea Park because there are many pigeons. This is an open space and free of charge so the couple can comfortably design to have vivid and natural pictures. Surely everyone will admire the look of your wedding photo with the lovely pigeons in it. 4. Da Nang bridges Danang is famous for its bridges. Each bridge has its own architecture and style. Wedding photography on these impressive bridges is an interesting idea. Couples can go to the bridge spinning Han, or Bridge Dragon, Bridge Love ... thanks to the photographer took a wedding photo unique. 5. Da Nang street Take a tour of Da Nang, the couples take advantage of the opportunity to save their love in the wedding scene on the beautiful streets here. Romantic cafes such as Memory Lounge, Cafe Rafew ... are also good suggestions for beautiful wedding photos of the bride and groom. 6. Sea of ​​Da Nang Wedding photography in Da Nang you can not ignore beautiful scenery here. Dreaming beaches with blue water, long white sand and the waves of silver will certainly bring romantic wedding photos, for couples. The bride and groom can go to Bac My An Beach or My Khe beach to get a nice wedding photo album at the beach. 7. Ngu Hanh Son The center of Da Nang city is about 8km to the southeast, Ngu Hanh Son is a romantic beauty, will be an ideal wedding venue for couples. This is a mountain that brings together historical, cultural and spiritual values. This will bring the bride's groom's image to a depth, a mysterious look full of emotion. 8. Suburban forest With couples who love natural beauty and wilderness, the pine forest outside Da Nang is an indispensable destination. Photographed here wedding photo of the couple will bring a romantic look interwoven mysterious fresh air, deserted. 9. Resorts and resorts Da Nang wedding photography, the luxury resort is a wonderful background. Later when reviewing his wedding photo taken here will remind couples of the passionate love period, romantic in the days of exciting tourism. Surely the couple will want to return here again to find love in the early childhood. 10. Hoi An Ancient Town Da Nang wedding photography, the couple do not forget to visit the ancient town of Hoi An about 30km from Danang. Hoi An is boldly mysterious Oriental with houses, condominiums, pagodas, bridges, wells ... with ancient architecture. So this is a beautiful wedding venue. Couples will certainly be pleased with the wedding photos amidst the vibrant colorful lanterns. Couples are always looking for beautiful and impressive wedding photos. With the above suggestions, wish the couples to meet their wishes at the ideal wedding photography in Da Nang.

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