Thursday, April 12, 2018

10 playgrounds Tet in Saigon Your Dog Should not Ignore

Saigontourist Tet, you will be satisfied to enjoy the spring recreation with 10 points to highlight people's favorite city in the New Year, such as participating in the Spring Flower ...

Flower Festival Spring Tao Dan

Society spring flowers at Tao Dan Tao Dan Park

Saigontourist does not forget Tao Dan spring flower Festival at Tao Dan Park, district 1, HCMC - one-day event held in the city (from 25th December to 6th Year). The designers here have artistic landscape folk, ethnic alternating rich accents that express the vibrant lifestyle of the modern city.

symbol of love made of floral

Here, you will be satisfied to pose the same symbol of love made of flowers, romantic setting of the village or visit the exhibition of many works of artisans bonsai, bonsai from many counties districts and provinces of convergence.

Suoi Tien Tourist Area exciting

Suoi Tien Park is a spring play quite familiar to Saigon, so, if City during Tet tour this do not forget to come here to admire the entire architecture that current history of Vietnam our traditions, such as Hung Vuong, Lac Long Quan and Au Co, Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh, ...

Suoi Tien eventful
Sea Tien Dong - Ngoc Female at Suoi Tien

Also, join the tour of Saigon to here you can participate in many fun activities and performances excellent, such as meditating, moving inferno, sea, first co jade woman, the windmill of god wind, ...

Park Dam Sen "emitters stunner"

Park Dam Sen with 2 playground Sen shallow and Dam Sen water was designed by the architecture reconciles East - West, mixed with beauty Roman myth turns this place into an attractive tourist destination for the whole family on holiday.

Dam Sen Cultural Park
Cultural Park Dam Sen

So Sen is a promenade in the city you along to the family to experience the unique game series, from gentle as merry go round to sit adventurous as the bullet train. In addition, the game slide tube, sit trough skiing, exploring the banks ...

About domain Thanh An island commune
a Tet was different in South Island Thanh An
Take a Tet was different in South Island Thanh An

If travelers guests want to have a Tet other truth, put Saigon book flights to South island Thanh an air spring travel in the sky, the wind fresh island commune with people. This is the spring travel consistent with the youth, because of the cost fun here quite affordable, fresh seafood, peaceful setting appropriate for you to get an impression of spring photos.

Destinations Notre Dame Cathedral

Le la coffee bệt Han Thuyen Street in air calm of Saigon Tet, sip a cup of cappuccino ice, eight stories heavens, about the land, about a spring day with friends, the effect is not anything.

the way of Ngo Duc Ke
Street of Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1

Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, do not forget the camera to be "bought" for themselves a set of images spring poetical roadside of Ngo Duc Ke, Mac Thi Buoi, and Nguyen Hue street. If, like to play games, watch movies or shopping mall, the luxurious Diamond Plaza, Vincom beside it is always ready to serve you.

Flower Street Walking Street Nguyen Hue

Do not know ever since Nguyen Hue Flower Street culture has become a beautiful tradition among the city named Uncle. Saigon tourists from 28th December to 4th January had the opportunity to come back here. Here, you will be immersed in the space filled with the colors of spring flower garden, landscape design unique arrangement, ingenious.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street

This year, sugar flowers are designed with the theme "Desire Rising" promises to give residents and visitors a space full of cheerful spring. Along with that, the playground, "Xuan children" will become a great gift for you small, and even for those who want to find a ticket to childhood.

Pray for peace at the famous temple

incense in the Jade Emperor Temple
Incense in Jade Emperor Pagoda

Saigontourist Tet without visiting temples, the outcome is regrettable. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can find lots of beautiful architecture temple and sacred, like Vinh Nghiem Pagoda (District 3), Jade Emperor Pagoda (District 1), the Lotus Temple (District 3), Temple Ba Thien Hau (district 5), Vietnam Quoc Tu (district 10) ...

West Street Bui Vien partying through the night air

Tourism Visitors remember Saigon Bui Vien Street West to experience the atmosphere energetic partying through the night. Because, this is where even the Saigon bed, here is the bustling and exciting night with food, beer and street performances charismatic.

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