Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 points to play Tet Lunar New Year in Saigon you should not ignore

Traveling to Saigon for Tet, you will be able to enjoy spring entertainment with 10 points to highlight the city's favorite people on Tet, such as joining the Spring Festival, ...

Tao Dan Spring Flower Festival Do not forget to visit Tao Dan Spring Festival at Tao Dan Park, District 1, HCMC - one of the long-term events in Ho Chi Minh City (from 25 December to 6 November). The design here has a folk art scene, rich intermingled ethnicity that is the highlight of the vibrant life of the modern city. Come here, you will be pleased to positively with the symbol of love made of flowers, romantic scenery of the village or visit the exhibition of many works of artisans bonsai, flowers from many districts districts, provinces about convergence.   Suoi Tien tourist area is vibrant Suoi Tien Spring Festival is quite familiar with the Saigon people, so if you have to travel to Ho Chi Minh City this Tet do not forget to come here to admire the whole architecture expresses the traditional history of Vietnam. We, Hung King, Lac Long Quan and Au Co, Son Tinh - Glass, ... At the same time, join the tour Sai Gon here you can also participate in many fun activities and wonderful performances, such as heaven palace, hell, the Pearl of the Pearl River, the mill wind,… Dam Sen Cultural Park "litter" Dam Sen Cultural Park with two amusement parks Dam Sen and Dam Sen are designed in the style of East-West reconstruction, mixed with the legendary Roman beauty turned this place into a tourist attraction. for the whole family on Tet. So, Dam Sen is the place to go in Ho Chi Minh City you should come to the family to experience a series of unique games, from gentle as the horseback riding to the adventure as the super speed train. In addition, the game slide the tube, sit the ski trough, explore the ice, ... On the island commune of Thanh An If tourists want to pick up another real Tet, book airfare to Saigon on the island of Thanh An spring in the air, blue wind, fresh wind with the island people. This is the spring travel destination suitable for young people, because the cost of fun here is quite popular, fresh seafood, peaceful scenery suitable for you to have an impressive set of photos on spring.   Notre Dame Cathedral Han Thuy coffee in the quiet atmosphere of Saigon Tet, sip a cup of ice coffee, eight stories of heaven, the story of the spring, with the friends of the spring is no longer equal. Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, do not forget to follow the camera to be able to "buy" yourself a set of photos spring days full of books by Ngo Duc Ke, Mac Thi Buoi or Nguyen Hue. If you want to play games, movies or shopping, luxury shopping centers such as Diamond Plaza and Vincom are always ready to serve you.   Flowers Street Walking Street Nguyen Hue Do not know yourself, Nguyen Hue flower road has become a beautiful traditional culture between the city named Uncle. Saigon visitors from 28 December to 4 January have the opportunity to visit here. Come here, you will be immersed in the space filled with spring flowers garden, small landscape is designed unique, clever. This year, the flower street is designed with the theme "The desire to reach higher" promises to bring people and visitors a spring space full of joy. Along with that, the playground "Spring Childhood" will become a great gift for the young, and also for those who want to find a ticket to childhood.   Peace at famous temples Traveling to Saigon on Tet without visiting the pagoda is a pity. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can find many beautiful and sacred temples, such as Vinh Nghiem Pagoda (District 3), Ngoc Hoang Pagoda (District 1), Phap Hoa Pagoda (District 3), Ba Pagoda Thien Hau (District 5), Vietnam Quoc Tu (District 10) ...   Western Bui Vien Museum party atmosphere throughout the night Travel to Saigon remember to visit the West Bui Vien to experience the party atmosphere is vibrant throughout the night. This is a place where even though Saigon is full of sleep, it is still busy and exciting with late night dishes, beer and street shows.

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