Wednesday, April 18, 2018

10 reasons for everyone to recognize Da Nang as "worth living"

Besides modern works, Danang also makes visitors "feel" by the friendly service, Danang people close, nice and many other wonderful things.
New York Times voted Da Nang as one of the world's most ideal destinations by 2015, as it boasts beautiful stretches of white sand. But in fact, the city is "clinging to people" because of its modern, civilized image, and always has something new, always changing.

1. City of new, interesting buildings
Nang owns the most modern works in Vietnam such as: Na Hills - Road to the forefront, Dragon Bridge, spectacular Han River Bridge, around the Sun Sun Wheel, A La Carte Hotel, ...
2. Located in the middle of tourism: Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An
If Hue or Hoi An are reminiscent of the image of the ancient capital, ancient city, Danang makes people sympathetic and want to return for civilization, modern and "change themselves" very clearly after each time visit.
3. Beauty of Dragon Bridge
Located in the top 30 impressive bridges in the world, not only show off the beauty but also can spray fire very impressive
4. Ba Na Hills
Many people like Ba Na as "Da Lat" of the Central. Only 25km away from Da Nang, but here it is cold all year round, even on many clouds, Ba Na is covered with a white mist. Da Nang tours can not be missing this destination.
5. Where to buy is not "bargain"
Regardless of where you come from, what job they are, they are kind and caring when you want to ask the road, hotel address, even some motorbike taxi driver, cyclos will be "guide tour "for the first time visitors to Da Nang. They will enthusiastically advise you where to eat good and cheap, you should visit this destination by means of how long you will be to the other.
6. My Khe Beach
They will enthusiastically advise you where to eat good and cheap, you should visit this destination by means of how long you will be to the other.
7. Nonprofit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital
Many poor people from Da Nang and the central provinces have the opportunity to receive free medical treatment in a very modern and spacious hospital. Considering the exterior appearance of Da Nang Cancer Hospital, this place looks like a five star hotel rather than a hospital for the poor.

Free Wifi coverage throughout the city
Da Nang is where you can use wifi in every corner of the city. No city in Vietnam has this kind of special free service. Starting from July 10, 2014, Da Nang city has officially provided free wifi coverage throughout the central area to help people and tourists have a stable and consistent internet connection.
9. Very tasty and cheap food
In Da Nang, visitors can eat from the smallest items such as rice crackers, buns at the price of several thousand / unit, to the bowl of delicious noodles, baked scalloped barbecue flavor from 15,000 to 20,000 VND; or delicious meatloaf loaves in bread carts along the streets.
10. Beaches without rubbish
There are no clear rules for camping, dining on the sand. The beach returned to its true meaning, only for people to visit, swimming and walking only.

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