Thursday, April 26, 2018

10 slices of grilled meat for the summer holidays

Grilled meat dishes, meat skewers with vegetables always attract gourmets. Here are 10 attractive barbecue dishes for the summer holidays that you can make yourself relatives and family enjoy.

  1. Grilled chicken breast with tomato and atiso   It is best to marinate the chicken overnight if you have enough time or can marinate for 30 minutes. You can skewer chicken, artichoke and goat milk instead of cream cheese. This dish is served with salad for a simple yet delicious dinner. Main material: • Chicken legs • Heart of artichoke • Tomato • goat cheese • Greek yogurt   Beef Balsamic   Balsamic beef is quite easy to make with accompanying spices such as vinegar, mustard, oil and spices. Add onion skewers with beef and then bake on charcoal stove. Main material: • Grilled beef tenderloin • Balsamic vinegar • Dijon mustard • Garlic • Red chili   3. Philippine chicken meat marinated with coconut milk and grilled honey   Chicken marinated with coconut water, soy sauce, lemon juice, honey and vinegar then boil fire to dry up and then skewers on the kitchen. Main material: • Chicken or thighs • Soy sauce • Coconut milk canned • Rice vinegar • Honey 4. Grilled chicken with peach   Delicious taste of grilled chicken with spicy taste, sweet of black sugar, honey, cinnamon, ginger and chili. Marinate the chicken with spices and simmer until dry and sliced ​​to bring the aromatic grill. Cuoocis are eaten together with fresh peaches. Main material: • Chicken legs • Digging • Go • molasses • Spice   5. Grilled chicken breast marinated with mango watermelon   If cooking is your favorite, this is the place for you. Chicken marinated with chilli powder and then bring the aromatic grill. This dish is served with mango and sliced ​​watermelon. Main material: • Chicken breast • Lemon spices • Watermelon • Mango • Paprika   6. Sriracha Shrimp   Grilled Sriracha baked skewers are very simple. Main material: • Fresh shrimp • Butter • Sriracha • Lemon   7. Grilled salmon roast with ginger onion   Sliced ​​grilled salmon with ginger slices, scallion salted spicy lemongrass is really attractive. You can eat with vegetables. Main material: • Shrimp • Zucchini • Lemon • Scallion • Ginger   8. Chilean roasted beef steak with Chimichurri sauce   Slice beef with onion, tomatoes and bring to the grill. Then sprinkle with the chimichurri sauce. Main material: • Beef tenderloin • Garlic • Go • Lemons • Scallion   9. Grilled chicken   Forget about all the chicken in BBQ, as this is marinated chicken with BBQ sauce mixed with sugar and spices. Then mix in the flour and bake on the kitchen. The crispy dish is salty. Main material: • Skinless chicken breast or chicken breast • Green pepper • Bacon • BBQ Sauce   10. Grilled Hawaiian skewers with lemon Sriracha butter   Grilled marinated chicken, pineapple, chili and BBQ sauce and spread Sriracha butter. Main material: • Chicken or thighs • BBQ Sauce • Cilantro • Pineapple • Pepper is Poblano The delicious and easy-to-do barbecue grill that you can make yourself at home enjoy the family enjoyment during the weekend.

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