Saturday, April 28, 2018

12 delicacies that visitors have to swallow saliva when walking the Thai market

Pad Thai, coconut cream, chicken noodle, choconana ... are the dishes that many visitors have to swallow saliva when walking Thai market. Because, street food, Thai night market has never disappointed tourists!

Pad Thai Pad Thai, also known as Thai stir-fried noodle soup, is the first of 12 dishes to suck saliva when shopping in Thailand. This dish is made on the spot, with simple ingredients but the taste is really indescribable.   Coconut cream Coconut cream is also a popular dish at Chatuchak weekend. This is a great meal both on sunny days and rainy days. The sweetness of cool ice cream, sweet, mixed with the aroma of coconut cakes, fruit jelly, along with the smell of roasted peanuts and corn makes every devotee cheers from the cheetah praise.   Thai fish salad Thai fish fry at the counter at Chatuchak market always bring attractive to the tourists. Stir fry in frying pan in a large saucepan, smelling delicious aroma is definitely delicious Thai food that you want to try. Biting a piece of chopped fish with the fragrance of lime leaves, the smell of the ship and beans, along with the mild spicy of chili sauce will make you "crush" the Golden Temple.   Scrambled eggs The grilled quail eggs, cooked in a large tray with a small hole as a cake tray is also a delicious dish that visitors swallow saliva when the Thai market. Although, this dish is nothing special, but also very fragrant and easy to eat so this dish is sold many stalls.   Seafood soup At this famous weekend market, you will meet a spanish man with a gourmet seafood soup, prepared in a large saucepan with lots of spices. Although a "foreign", but this is also a "specialty" of the Chatuchak market that all visitors can not ignore.   Chicken nuggets Chicken noodles are a great choice for lunch in Chatuchak. Chicken noodles with large pieces of thighs are tender, accompanied by delicious longan noodles, spicy broths bring a wonderful lunch and belly for customers want delicious Thai weekend market.   Mango sticky rice Mango is the "specialty" of Thai cuisine. So, when shopping around Chatuchak market and one of the best places to eat this dish is in the famous outdoor market. The sour taste of mango, mixed with coconut milk, served with white sticky rice makes a great taste.   Thai Donut Cake

Thai donuts are smaller in size than in other countries. This dish is also hot processed at the counter. Travelers often like to have hobbies, buy a few just walk the market just eat when you go to Chatuchak.   Papaya salad Som Tam Som tam tam is too familiar with those who love Thai cuisine all over the world. Dishes include green papaya, mango, cucumber, banana, cowpea ... with small pudding with sour, spicy sauce, but so delicious that even thought to swallow saliva.   Choconana Choconana is the name of this exotic dish, made from chocolate and banana, that is, frozen banana with chocolate and nuts, fresh noodles. The banana is cool, just plastic, add flavor from nuts or bitterness from chocolate will beat all the street food Thai people from the first piece.   Thai milk tea After trying all the delicacies that tourists have to salty salty when walking Thai market, a glass of Thai or red milk tea with a rich, sweet smell of milk, will help you dispel the hot sun and do Smooth stomach immediately.

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