Sunday, April 22, 2018

3 delicacies Da Nang introduced to the US aircraft carrier

Three delicacies Danang chose to introduce to super-carrier USS Carl Vinson, one of the largest US Navy flagship aircraft carriers, are delicacies that contain essence and contain basic principles in Vietnamese food.

In the early days of March, Tien Sa Danang port was quite hot on the international media, becoming the stop of USS Carl Vinson, one of Hai's largest fleet carriers. American troops, USS Lake Champlain guided missile cruisers and USS Wayne E. Meyer guided missile destroyer, Danang.   On this occasion, TP. Da Nang introduced to the team of chefs of America's three delicious dishes of Da Nang's unique traditions of the city and Vietnam. Accordingly, on March 6, the Danang Tourism Department held an exchange, promoting local cuisine with chefs of USS Carl Vinson at Madame Lan Restaurant.   3 dishes "Vietnamese specialty" introduces US aircraft carrier Three delicacies of Danang are selected here: fried noodles, Quang noodles and pancakes, served by chef Madame Lan and Vietnamese chef Furama Resort.   In there, a fried item is one of the dishes Vietnamese tourists and the international community love. This dish is considered to be the essence of the essence and contains the basic principles of Vietnamese cuisine. The balance and freshness of the ingredients give the flavor of spring rolls. This dish was CNN voted in the top 10 best food in Vietnam.   Quang Nam noodle is a specialty of Danang tourists, with the sophistication of each noodle. Harmony, the freshness of shrimp, meat, eggs bring attractive in the form of presentation and flavor, making this dish increasingly popular tourists Da Nang.    Banh xeo is a cheap and delicious dish, which has been honored by CNN and brought to the international food fair. Banh xeo is a unique dish of Vietnam and each region has varied variations. In there, the central pancake is delicious Da Nang has its own features such as little people, a small cake, rich meal with vegetables and delicious sauce made many visitors love

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