Thursday, April 12, 2018

4 beautiful old villages innocent near Hanoi should go to the weekend

The four beautiful ancient villages near Hanoi below are the suggestions cannot be ignored for the first time visitors visit and want to learn the capital of culture in just two short weekends.  

Duong Lam ancient village Duong Lin village is located in Son Tay town, only 44 km from Hanoi capital, but still retains the ancient and original features of the countryside in the North. from village gates, wells to ancient houses. The highlight of this village is the simple Mong Mong village gate, there is no guard at the other village gate, the two sides of the road is green rice eye-catching. Going deep inside, visitors will certainly be delighted to admire the ancient tile roofs that are more than 300 years old. The magnifying glass covers hundreds of honeycomb walls, fiercely survived by five months. Many visitors come to Duong Lam to witness the 956 traditional houses, many of which were built in the 17th century. In addition, it was dubbed the land of 2 Kings, Temple of Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen are two destinations not to be missed by visitors when they stop to Lam. It is not too difficult for travelers to explore the entire village of Duong Lam in a weekend by walking or renting bikes from the local people here for only VND20,000 -30,000. Duong Lam is famous for its tradition of making sauces and meat dishes that only bake galangal. Tang Duong Lam is not inferior to anything that is very popular travelers near and far. The food here is limited, some folk tourist should enjoy here is boiled chicken, sauteed fried honeysuckle, boiled watermelon sauce and candy, eucalyptus or rice cake. In addition, you can visit the Ancient Village with the Shanxi Ancient City (located in the center of Shanxi), Temple and 3 km away. Old Village (H.Phucuyen, Hanoi) Located on the banks of the Nhue River, Cuu Village is located in Van Tu Commune, Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi, with an age of over 500 years, attached to the ups and downs of the country's history. Old village gate built the temple three pagodas, a middle door with a very large dome. A pair of unicorns and two dogs hold the gate. On the inside of the port are the wine, the flower buds, and the letters Black ink has faded. Village Gate was scanned gold from ancient times, now has a silver color, there are black spots. Many researchers say that the Old Village gate is not ancient nor modern. The same structure as the gate of the city made the port of Cuu village many experts estimate is the most beautiful village in Vietnam. The old village is famous for its villas mixed with ancient Vietnamese and French architecture. During the French colonial period many families ate, the villagers are well off each family owns a private villa. Over time, many of these homes became empty, degraded without repair; Only over 20 villas in the village are still intact. The typical architecture of most of the villas in the Old Village is Gothic - typical French architecture. In addition, also mixed houses with Vietnamese style with red tile roof, winding village roads, many niches ... Unlike Duong Lam; The village has not been sucked into the whirlpool of tourism so it is still wild, the service has not developed. Here, modern homes are almost empty. Fourth-generation subsidy models are also difficult to find. Beautiful, very strange, a little bit of a bit of popular, but proud to bring the foot to the village of Cuu beauty does not attract tourists to visit the first time.   Cu Da ancient village (Thanh Hai, Hanoi) Cu Da Ancient Village is an ideal destination in Hanoi where anyone who has a passion for architecture, Vietnamese history, traditional craft villages or would like to drop their soul into a peaceful scene for 2 days. A weekend is not omitted. Cu Da village in Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district is only 20 km from the center of Hanoi, right next to Nhue river. Special features in the architecture of the hundreds of years old houses in Cu Da village is a combination of ancient and modern. Most of these mansions are carved out of fancy, details such as the floor or columns are tiled with flowers brought from France. Cu Da Village is also one of the rare places to preserve the image of ancient trees, communal houses, pagodas, village gates, most houses ... Many buildings in the village are now ranked as relics. National level. On the gate of the village is still a complete watch marking a golden period of prosperity in history. Visit Cu Da ancient village visitors do not worry about buying gifts for loved ones by this village which is famous for making vermicelli, do. In the past, the specialties of this place have been mentioned by the people in the phrase "Tu Cu Cu - cam village". The image of the sun drying out the yard, each bundle of golden gold on the copper also creates a unique beauty only Cu Da new.

If outside the world are crowded, crowded in the village on the Nhue River, visitors will be released into the peaceful picturesque countryside to calm themselves after a week tired of work and competition. living. Nom villages (Dai Dong, Van Lam, Hung Yen) Nôm in the province of Hung Yen is only 30km from Hanoi capital is suitable for tourists to explore in two days weekend. Nôm is well known for its rustic charms, tranquility nestled behind the majestic gateways of the village, nostalgic and bamboo rafts. Pictures of Banyan, water landing, communal yard, simple roof tiles ... a familiar village of the Red River delta can be easily found here. The red brick road and the rare barrier are mixed with the row of walls built into the corner of the village. The most famous stop in the village can not mention Nôm market - the old brick wall and a market have broken through time or Nom Bridge - the bridge over the Nguyet Duc River flows around the village, including nine stone towers carved dragon head sophisticated and picky. The temple with the Tam dang, the second largest Southeast Asia and Tam Giang communal house - where worshiping a general of Hai Ba Trung is also the famous spiritual tourist in the village. The stone columns, wells under two centuries are preserved intact. The ancient houses along the lake, the church of the Nguyen, Le, Ta, Dan ethnic groups create a timeless gas of time and speaks unique culture in the ancient land of the city. On the last day of the week, do not forget to visit four beautiful ancient villages near Hanoi to enjoy the peace of mind or to keep the beautiful pictures in the village of peaceful, ancient.

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