Friday, April 20, 2018

4 points to take a picture just beautiful, just in Vung Tau

Excursions to the photo shoots in Vung Tau that Vietnam Travel will introduce below you will have beautiful pictures, extreme "as in the West"

Marian Marina Located in the prime location on the Dinh River, in front of Long Son Island and Go Gang. Marian Marina was built with the objective of being the passenger terminal of many tourist routes on the rivers and bays of Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, which is also the first wharf of Vung Tau for boat mooring, canoes, boats ...    Coming to Marian wharf, you will be on the canoes, surfing along the sea with sailboats, watching the peaceful scenery on the Dinh River, exploring the life of fishermen and enjoying fresh seafood dishes. The live is caught on the Dinh river.   Marian marina is also a very beautiful and unique place for young people and couples to make wedding photos.   Green Stone Green Lake impresses visitors by the beautiful scenery with a large green lake, nestled in the middle surrounded by high mountains. Here you are spoiled for taking pictures and posing with the swing. Or you can rent a boat while on the lake, just have beautiful pictures   East Suoi Nghe sheep Suoi Nghe sheep field is formed from a dry, bare land all year round. But since the release of the sheep, the grass has become a popular destination for young photographers   In this area there are 3 herds of sheep, each with about 150 heads. Photo fee is about 50-100k. Surely you will have wonderful moments with the sheep in Suoi Nghe.   Zenna Pool Camp 120 km from Ho Chi Minh City is a coastal tent built to help you relax and enjoy the sea.   Situated close to the beach, the campsite covers an area of ​​6.5 hectares and is surrounded by windy pine forests. At this point you can take a few steps to reach the crystal clear water. Here you can participate in camping activities, photography, camp fire, ...   In the evening, the lights in the huts light up as a rendezvous for small parties with friends enjoying nightlife and enjoying the beach.   If you like to take pictures while traveling, these destinations will definitely be suggestions you should not ignore. Arrange your luggage and carry it on the road!

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