Monday, April 16, 2018

5 delicious dishes "do not ask" when traveling Ha Long

Ha Long is not only a sightseeing attraction but also a land of promise to discover the delicious dishes with special taste.  

1. Seafood noodles and rice noodles Noodles and seafood dishes are very suitable for breakfast, a bowl of rice noodles or seafood usually have shrimp, crab meat, surface, fry fish, vegetables. When eaten, it is sweetened by the combination of broth and raw vegetables. To Ha Long you can easily find noodles, seafood rolls. Some famous restaurants have brand noodles, sandwich seafood is: Hai Van restaurant at the beginning of the road into the Northeast Company, seafood noodles at the head of the White Bridge - Ha Tu ... 2. Sea Sam Sam is processed into quite a lot of dishes like fried sweet and sour, fried egg, sam ... very delicious and attractive. However, if you have a history of allergy, you should not eat. The most famous sam in Ha Long is nowadays Sam Sam from 6 Cao Thang Lane. Another famous address is Sam Quang Yen on the way from Ha Long to Hanoi. 3 chao trai Hoi An is a popular snack in many regions, but in Ha Long has a very special flavor. Bo khai in Ha Long is porridge cooked with sea son so it will taste different. Grilled chicken with green onion, smelly ship, dried onion and very fragrant. 4. Fried Shrimp Certainly to Ha Long Bay you will not be able to overlook the snail dish. This is a snack that tourists are particularly interested in, and is extremely popular. Eating sausage you should go to the sidewalk space is extremely comfortable feel better as the processing of wildlife. You can refer to the buildings such as: the old Quang Ninh Museum, the pavement hall of Van Lang Road ... The inns are served fried dishes, boiled, baked ... 5. Pancakes roll with ink Cake rolls may have any region but the rollers that eat with squid are only in Halong to enjoy. The deliciousness of this dish depends very much on fresh squid, when biting into the sense of gravy, crunchy crunch of fresh squid. Then the sauce is mixed with the sour taste of lemon and spicy chili. The cake is the most delicious roll is when the heat is finished sprinkle a little dried onions. Pancake rolls are considered pioneers in Ha Long is Mrs. Ngan's restaurant at Bach Dang.

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