Friday, April 20, 2018

5 experiences to have a memorable night in Vung Tau

Famous for its many beautiful beaches, unique natural landscapes, and especially many "crazy" check-in spots for young people, all have created a unique attraction for Vung Tau tourism.
Vung Tau sea and enjoy seafood If the day you have fun, bathing Vung Tau delight then start your peaceful evening by walking, strolling on the beach is also very interesting. Especially when walking with friends on the sandy beach, listening to the sound of the sea as they patted the heart of each wave.   After hiking on the sea you can visit a seafood restaurant to enjoy the delicious seafood here such as grilled octopus, grilled oysters, fried snails, squid, steamed sausage, ... ensure the delicious. Having eaten just watching the sea and sitting eight stories all night sure never bored. Vung Tau lighthouse watching the city from above Vung Tau Lighthouse which is a famous check-in point in daytime in Vung Tau, from here you can enjoy the beautiful coastal city. Come here in the evening will be a chance to see the beauty of Vung Tau night glistening, brilliant lights of the city from above will bring you a very strange feeling.   What is more amazing is when you look down at the crowd of people, with sea waves fluttering waves and fluttering far away is the boat boat fanciful in the lights create a scene so romantic And romantic to you admire right? Enjoy cafe beautiful view Vung Tau People want to feel the beauty of Vung Tau at night, to find the road Ha Long wrong results. Ha Long is known as one of the roads to explore the beautiful beauty of Vung Tau sea, so it is not too surprising that along this road there are so many cafes. You can stop at Cafe O Level 1, Mr.Ket, Gazebo, ... to experience and understand why so loved.   With open space, view overlooking the beautiful sea is what makes visitors come here. In addition, these cafes also serve other drinks for you to choose such as: vitamins, ice cream, milk tea, ... Enjoy the fresh sea breeze, freshly discovered bustling sea city At night the fruit is excellent. Enjoy the stingray stingray Vung Tau Long ago, Vung Tau stingray hot pot has become a signature dish of seafood city that any visitor to visit want to taste. Taste delicious fish pot in Vung Tau is sold in many restaurants along the road. But the most famous and famous is at 40 Truong Dinh seems to have become a brand.   Vung Tau stingray fish is eaten with vermicelli, fish meat is soft and very sweet, while eating chewing with the soft cartilage to ensure the coffee. With friends sit around the hot pot smoking hot sauce and sip each piece of delicious fish sauce with spicy chili sauce is quite spicy. Go to the cinema and have dinner in Vung Tau Where to go in Vung Tau? Vung Tau nightlife is more bustling, crowded and a very unique and interesting feature is that the young people here often go to the movies late night, surely will be an unforgettable experience for you. Especially, to Vung Tau cinema is also the "holy place" virtual lives such as: Lotte Cinema Vung Tau, CGV Megastar, CGV Cinema, ... as sure as Saigon.    After watching the movie, do not forget to eat at Do Chieu, Le Lai around the cafeteria to enjoy the hot seafood porridge, delicious kebabs or slices, chili peas, ... before returning home. Vacation Rentals. The nightly restaurants in Vung Tau open throughout the night until 2 - 3 am for you to enjoy the night.   Vung Tau sea city with natural beauty and many interesting experiences, whether it is day or night also make visitors do not want to leave. Where the lovers will be difficult to refuse from the first time.

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