Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 interesting things in Dalat make tourists remember forever

Dalat is a famous tourist destination in our country, however with 5 interesting things below, you will definitely want to return to Da Lat 2.

  1. No traffic lights   If traffic congestion in Saigon and Hanoi make you feel uncomfortable sometimes in Da Lat, you will be comfortable driving without fear of this condition. At present, the city does not have any traffic lights, from the junction to the intersection. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity to leisurely launch vehicles on the road. 2. Four seasons in a day   If the morning is cold and frost like spring, then the sun goes up and sunny all over. The atmosphere was a bit warm in the summer. As the sun began to descend, the wind chilled. By midnight, the city sinks into the stillness of the night, and the temperature is as low as it is in the cold winter. Although Da Lat year-round only two seasons but in return, people are feeling enough weather four full seasons in a day. 3. Leaves of maple
If you are a nature lover and have a lot of soul, watching the maple leaves glitter in the sun will be a memorable experience. To find maple trees, visitors have to row boat through Tuyen Lam Lake and then walk a deep into the forest. 4. The lavender field   Normally, you will only see this flower on the net or dried flower bouquet is brought from abroad, or when traveling to Europe. But now, you can find Van Thanh flower village to admire the true beauty of lavender in the garden of about 1,000 square meters. Lavender is a perennial flower, so you can visit it any time. 5. Giant pumpkin garden
The garden of Mr. Le Huu Phan is one of the interesting places in Dalat. At harvest time, the largest fruit weighs 60 kg and the smallest is 30 kg. Many visitors come to this "shocked" when they first admire the pumpkin also embraces not wrapped around. Pumpkin grows fast, trunk is about 3 fingers adult.   Dalat is a land of dreams, famous tourist destinations, if you have the opportunity to yourself to come here to experience the interesting in Da Lat

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