Friday, April 27, 2018

5 oldest and most famous market in Saigon

In addition to the unique architecture such as the Church of the Virgin or the Reunification Palace, Saigon also has long-standing markets and is also considered the symbol of this city.
In addition to the historical values, the architecture of the markets below is a busy market of Saigon, attracting a large number of tourists visiting and shopping. 1. Ben Thanh Market Located in the list of typical locations of the city, Ben Thanh Market is always an interesting shopping stop for those who have the opportunity to set foot in Saigon, and is one of the oldest markets here. Operating from 1914 up to now, this 100-year-old market is not only a busy place, but also a witness of the changing history, ups and downs of the city and the old Saigon. . This place is focused on many items, from clothes, thick sandals, fabrics, handicrafts, brocade, jewelry to specialty foods. With traditional values, long life, the market attracted a lot of foreign tourists to visit and shopping. Here you will find all languages ​​to trade. At night, around Ben Thanh market gathered into a crowded night market, creating a vibrant and colorful Saigon.   Address: Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1. 2. Binh Tay Market The market at the west gate of the city is always one of the destinations marked in the tourist map of many visitors. Operating from 1930 to present, the market is built with the style of East Asia. The corners of the roof winding in the style of Oriental pagodas, roofed yin and yang ancient, fresh air, cool. The special spot of the market is in the middle of a large courtyard sky creating cool space and use natural light in a harmonious way. In addition to the special features of architecture, Binh Tay Market is also the busiest center of Saigon with many kinds of items. This place attracts the majority of people buy and sell professional because most of the goods are wholesalers and moved to the southwestern provinces. If you intend to shop for household appliances, electronics on the occasion of Saigon visit Binh Tay market is where you should go, because the seller is always friendly welcome and affordable price.   Address: Thap Muoi Street, Ward 2, District 6. 3. Tan Dinh Market The historic market of this city is always the famous and familiar destination of many Saigon people. Built in 1926, the main gate of the market is designed quite nicely. The place of business of many items, of which the most famous are the cloth and food. Food stalls at this market are always appreciated by diversified, delicious and attractive dishes such as rice noodles, crab soup, crab soup, fruit dish and especially chicken sticky rice. come. Especially if you need to buy cheap fabrics, Tan Dinh is always the choice of many families and tourists from all over. Address: Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1. 4. An Dong Market Being one of the central markets of the city, An Dong market is filled with sympathy of the elderly people who once attached to Saigon. With over 56 years of existence, An Dong Market contributes greatly to the circulation of goods in the central area of ​​Saigon. If you need to buy the latest fashion models, the An Dong market is the most appropriate, because many people evaluate the fastest update of fashion items such as clothing, shoes, fabrics ... In addition to wholesale selling, the upper floor of the market also have hotels and banks convenient for tourists to rest, exchange money in the shopping tour. Address: An Duong Vuong Street, Ward 9, District 5. 5. Ba Chieu Market As one of the oldest retail markets in Saigon, the name of this market is attached to many people in Saigon and Binh Thanh area from far away. Located in a beautiful and convenient location, daily market attracts a large number of visitors to shopping as well as sightseeing. Major merchants in this market are clothing, footwear, fruit and food. The price is quite cheap so suitable for all objects to shop. Especially, Ba Chieu market has bustling business market. Night markets are not open in cage houses, but are concentrated in front of the market, mainly for clothing, footwear and nightly food. Late at night, the night market becomes more bustling by the items such as flowers, fruit poured on each need to tear up before the market.

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