Wednesday, April 18, 2018

5 points to welcome the beautiful shimmering in Da Nang

Today's Christmas celebration is not just for Catholics, it has become a trend for young people to plan their outings, check-in, and check-out. The article shared, updated 5 points to welcome beautiful Christmas sparkling in Da Nang city for this year's Christmas season.
Greeting Christmas at the Chicken A place to welcome Christmas in Da Nang city, to think immediately to the Church of the Chicken or also known as the Cathedral. Located on Tran Phu Street, with simple architecture, pink romantic, warm, Church Con Chicken has a long history of attracting many visitors.
Every Christmas, the place is filled with colorful and vibrant scenes, attracting many visitors to visit and enjoy. The rocky subspecies, the image of Jesus was born, Santa Claus riding reindeer, made by the laity together create a warm space. In addition, you can admire, enjoy the repertoire held in the main stage of the church not only for the lay people but also visitors. Love Bridge shimmering at night At night, Love Bridge shimmering colorful, romantic and happy. Christmas is an opportunity for you to slow down, to feel what is going on around you. What better way to stand on the Bridge of Love with him watching the scenery of a Han River city at night. This is the perfect place for couples to enjoy the cool air of the breezes, the shimmering hearts of the night, and the locks hooked to the bridge to prove their promise together. to the end of the happy couple's future. Trade centers A favorite place for Christmas is the commercial center of Da Nang. Areas like Big C, Vincom, Indochina are decorated in shimmering colors, from the lobby to the interior of the commercial center.
The image of Mr. Nooen, the tall pine trees, the old snowmen, reindeer car, are present in many places to bring warm space extremely. What is more wonderful than the day of the birth of God, the weather in Da Nang will be cold, micro-robbery around the mall, shopping a little gift, enjoy stopping at the food court, It is the Christmas season that is full of sense and remember forever. Helio playground Top 5 beautiful shimmering Christmas fair in Da Nang is Helio. A loving Christmas season with your loved ones, friends and relatives, participating in games, events, festivals here must be the right choice. Space is filled with bright red color, interwoven green and the sparkling illusions are lit from outside to bring the feeling of close, dear. Ms. Na Hills You can change the space for Christmas this year different than last year to be able to enjoy the new moment, typically it is Na Hills. In the high mountainous area, there is the characteristic sweetness of Ba Na Hills, where you can enjoy the whole space of the West in the heart of the Christmas season. This would be a perfect destination, hard to match. Top 5 beautiful Christmas shimmering spots in Danang that you can choose to enjoy the romantic air this season. Let's quickly note again right away to the point that no wonder where to go, what to do to have a good and happy Christmas. The delayed book does not fast book tour Da Nang in the coming time to quickly catch up on Christmas in the land of Da City.

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