Saturday, April 14, 2018

6 exciting experiences in a day in Saigon

Enjoying many delicious dishes, watching the streets from overhead, visiting Notre Dame Cathedral ... are things not to be missed in Saigon. Saigon is considered a land of glamor by its splendid exterior, where there are many things to explore and experience. But what makes people love Saigon more than every day is the interwoven between the beautiful, beautiful things with many other simple but very close and familiar. If only 24 hours in Saigon, you should do the following:

Visiting the Cathedral of Notre Dame This is a remarkable religious architecture from the French colonial era designed by architect J. Bourard, with all the building materials from cement, steel to screws are believed to carry from France. Notre Dame Cathedral is not only the people of the city, but also the sights of many international tourists. Everyday there are hundreds of foreign delegations visiting, taking pictures and attending Mass at this temple. Shopping at Ben Thanh Market Ben Thanh Market is considered as a symbol, an interesting destination for not only international visitors but also local people. Walking around shopping, exploring Ben Thanh Market has long been an integral part of the Saigon tour. The market is located in one of the most important locations in the city. This is a favorable condition for the trade exchange activities happening exciting and bustling. This is not only a cultural symbol but also a place where you can find almost everything from the common to the rare, from the popular Up to the level of clothing, jewelry, utensils, souvenirs, candy, fruit ... Looking at Saigon from above Stand in high space, with a 360 degree long 360 degree telescope and up to 50 degrees, you can see the whole city in places where the naked eye is not visible. The most beautiful and dynamic city in the South will appear with a strange look when you watch the scene from a height of 178 m on the Saigon SkyDeck Observatory. Enjoy delicious food Saigon has a lot of specialties from the region, from rice plate, noodle to pan cake mix, barbecue noodles, salad rolls ... do not know how many customers. However, to go to Saigon without enjoying the snails is considered as a shortcoming. No need to go to the beach, you can still find a lot of fresh snails from the region, are processed in different ways, very attractive and interesting. View music at the tea room Many people said that to Saigon is to drink coffee every day and to the tea room to listen to music weekly. Tea room activity here is considered as a "special". Each room has a different music, depending on the needs of each person that choose a suitable tea room. No Name at 112 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 mainly invite young stars Quang Dung, My Tam, Thanh Thao, Hien Thuc...
Visiting Nguyen Hue Walking Street Walking Street Nguyen Hue has just come into operation on 29/4. This is the center of District 1, very crowded. From 18h every day, most convenience stores, coffee shops on both sides of the road are crowded. From the day when there are walking streets, many people pass through, some apartments are quick to open water stores, snacks to serve the needs. In the evening, the streets are crowded and bustling. The pedestrian zone is also linked to the Metro station, HCMC Opera House and Thu Thiem Urban Area (District 2) in the future. Each location, you only need to spend a few hours can learn the inherent characteristics inherent. However, if there is more time, Saigon will have many other attractions that you can explore and experience.

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