Sunday, April 15, 2018

7 delicious dishes you have to try when you come to the oldest market in Hoi An

Come to Hoi An without ever enjoying high floor, noodles, barbecue noodle, ... in the oldest market, it is a pity. Here are 7 delicious dishes you have to try when you come to the most popular market in Hoi An that Vietnam Travel for you.

High floor Many people are happy to say, Hoi An travel without enjoying Cao Lau is also considered as never before. This dish has been described by a British newspaper as "containing the history of the old town." Because of this, only the wells of Ba Le, the ashes of the indigo canvas mixed together can produce soft gray pasta, making a high-rise floor.   An attractive high floor is filled with soft noodles, crispy pork, red shrimp, chicken and crispy pork skin. Served with high-class fresh vegetables Tra Que, contributing to the culinary characteristics of Quang.   Noodle Referring to Hoi An, Quang Nam without mentioning Quang noodles is a great omission. An attractive noodle soup with yellow broccoli, soft noodles, water noodles can be made from pork, chicken or fish snake, depending on each row. But overall, water is full of charm, a fat comparison that no respect, water only chan invaded the food is still waiting to eat.   Barbecue noodles Tourists visiting Hoi An ancient market have tried the barbecue meat noodles are always delicious. Vermicelli Hoi An market outside the noodles are long and fragrant noodles, bun bo sauce also makes customers love the flavor of fatty, rich. Meanwhile, the meat here is well marinated and then baked in the charcoal red, aromatic. According to the Hoi Hoi travel in the ancient market, there are more than 3 sales of this dish. Each row has its own culinary style, but each row has its own delicious flavor, which is enjoyed by many visitors.   Wet barbecue It is also barbecue, but the barbecue served with wet cake is baked by the chef just scorched, spreading scent. Eat a slice of dough with meat, water with dipping sauce specially formulated with soybeans and liver of the Hoi An, you will find her only in the world only.   Noodle rolls When asked Hoi An tourism to eat, many people immediately reply. Although Hoi An is not popular with other dishes, many people after eating are very attached. Because, noodles are cooked from vermicelli, so the water is very clear and fragrant. In addition, each bowl of noodles has a large bowl to attract customers at first sight.   Pancakes Unlike the South, Hoi An pancakes are smaller. Inside the pie only a few shrimp, shrimp or shrimp, thin pieces of meat only three thin ... In return, the cake is fried crispy, do not make diners feel. In addition, when eating pancakes you can also eat with glazed bread and vegetables, dots with soybeans compare bold as the cuisine of Hoi An more attractive.   Tea
For many tourists Hoi An tea has a strong "temptation" that they can not refuse. The cup of tea with dewy pomegranate is full of color, delicious green tea, eye candy tea, ... make anyone want to give birth to try once

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