Tuesday, April 17, 2018

7 ideal places to stay in Dalat for single travelers

Places like Dalat Note, HomeFarm, Beepub ... are affordable, but convenient for travelers or single travelers.

 1. Circle Vietnam Not only is one of the few hostel has a nice view in Dalat but also impresses visitors with its innovative tube houses. Each tube house can accommodate 1-3 guests, spacious, clean toilets. Next to the tube house visitors can choose the form of tents in the yard with the cozy space of a fire. 2. Homestay The outward appearance of the homestay is a striking white villa. Inside the rooms are the necessary facilities are beautifully decorated without the eyes. There are also private rooms and dormitories, where there is a garden, a kitchen where you can cook and make new friends. 3. Tre'House There is a style of "improvisation" from familiar objects such as screens, bathtubs, doors, glass vases or pots ... If you go alone or in single group can be in the room, also There are private rooms for those who like private space. 4. Dalat Family This hotel is less than a 10-minute walk from Xuan Huong Lake. The hostel rooms have clean, neat and clean common guest rooms. You can also cook yourself delicious food in the shared kitchen. Laundry and ironing services are also available on site. 5. Beepub In the heart of the city, you just walk 5 minutes to Da Lat market, Xuan Huong Lake or explore Hoa Binh neighborhood with many strange coffee shops. The hotel has two separate areas, one on the first floor, a pub serving drinks in the evenings, and two on the second floor. Beepub also varies from bunk beds to private rooms 6. HomeFarm Only 10 minutes away from the city center, HomeFarm is a nice little house for you to rest and enjoy the fresh air. Homestay also has its own rooms and double rooms for guests to choose from. At night, visitors can organize fire, gather cooking, singing together, singing together, also a chance for single people can add friends to suit him. In addition, when staying at HomeFarrm you also have the opportunity to visit the clay tunnel, Truc Lam Zen, Tuyen Lam lake, Dai Bao palace, Hang Nga villa, Cam Ly waterfall ... due to geographic location moving to the This place is very convenient. 7. Ðalat Note Dalat Note is cheap and photographed beautifully. The space here is designed in a cute style from the path to the terrace are eye-catching with vases, colorful bonsai. Dalat Note is also close to other tourist destinations such as the city center 1.3km, Xuan Huong Lake 1.7km. Here you can also choose a single room or a room.

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