Sunday, April 15, 2018

7 reasons why you should travel Sapa in winter

 Arriving in Sapa in winter, you will experience the same travel experience as in Europe because it also has snow and natural scenery created by the weather.

Watching Sapa misty true   Sapa is known as the foggy city, especially in winter Sapa will be submerged in the cold mist. The scenery is poetic by the roofs, the roads, the hills covered with a silver color, the dew of romantic dreamy and beautiful.   Enjoy the cold under 5 degrees No matter where you are, you will never feel the cold under 5 degrees. Sapa is one of the coldest places in the country every winter. It is crazy to travel in the coldest season but many are still curious and want to enjoy the cold in another land. So if you are one of those, wait for something that has not gone yet, winter is coming.   Watch the beautiful snowfall Under the cold weather, Sapa has snowfall every winter. This is only in the West, but even in Vietnam. So if you want to have a fun experience with snow like in Europe, please plan right away, when Sapa snow is on the right.   Cafe in Cau May street In cold weather do not forget to hide in a cafe in Cau May Street to enjoy a cup of hot coffee just watching Sapa in the mist and feel the cold of the mountain.   Eat grilled sapa Bake, sausage Sapa is the food to the throne in the cold season, the colder the better and delicious mouth. So enjoying sapa these two dishes is the most exciting thing in the world. Sapa is also the kingdom of specialty vegetables such as cats, susu, ... pork, buffalo meat, salmon ... so the taste of barbecue, hot pot here different and better in other regions.   Wander between the cold streets Sapa winter sightseeing is also a very enjoyable experience that you should try once. Maybe the weather makes you feel cold at first but the misty roads, snow cover is the really beautiful scene you should not miss.   Feel the hard life here Travel Sapa you admire the beautiful scenery as in Europe but you will also feel the very difficult life of the indigenous people living here, you will be sympathetic with the life of They, more love from the land of Vietnam.

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