Wednesday, April 18, 2018

7 specialties Cu Lao Cham makes visitors difficult to ignore

Not only famous for the peaceful beauty, Cu Lao Cham also keep visitors with wild dishes but extremely strange and attractive.

Ice crabs Ice crab is a specialty everyone wants to taste once when coming to Cu Lao Cham. Called rock crabs because they live on rock caves in the mountains. The special thing of this crab is that they eat grass plants on the rocks and drink early water so the meat is very sweet, soft, greasy and does not have the fishy taste like normal crabs.   Easy to prepare from this crab is steamed beer, more sophisticated can be sauteed or roasted salt. If baked on charcoal not spiced marinade, crabs are delicious to eat.   A sunny ink   It is easy to see that a single sun is a specialty in any sea area. However, one sun shade in Cu Lao Cham is specially processed. The sun-drying stick gives the fish a sense of smell, but the inside keeps the ink fresh. When you eat, you will feel the sweet, fresh taste of the dry ink.   Abalone Cu Lao Cham is the place to enjoy abalone on the windy beach, nothing is excellent. Abalone is made into a variety of attractive and flavorful dishes are not any type of snails. Can be processed into dishes such as boiled, steamed, fried according to the taste of visitors.   Hemp leaves little cakes   Although the dishes are extremely rustic but do not know ever since the little leaves have become the characteristic feature of the land here. Visitors to Cham island can not miss this attractive dish.   Her nipples   The snail has a strange name, strange to many visitors but if one has to enjoy it can not forget the special flavor of snails. The process of processing her snail is quite simple, just boiled dots with lemon or pickled salt rather than baked on the charcoal or made snail salad is very delicious.   Vegetables in Cu Lao Cham forest   The flavor of the oriental herbs growing wild forest in the foot of the mountain is quite diverse types such as vegetables, vegetables, greens, code ... Boiled wood vegetables are simple but also "quality " Best. Raw vegetables and seafood are also great and unforgettable.   nests   To Cham island you also do not forget to enjoy Salanganes'Nest specialties here. Salanganes'Nest is a high-quality food with high nutritional value and a very good medicinal product.

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