Thursday, April 12, 2018

8 favorite gifts of Hanoians

Hanoi Cuisine is the crystallization of what is the most delicious of the country. If you have ever arrived in the capital and still do not enjoy the 8 light gifts below can say, you still do not know much about the cuisine of the city.

  1. Noodle soup Speaking of Hanoi's delicacies, we can not help but mention pho. Pho is easily found anywhere in Hanoi. Although each home has its own recipes noodle but can not deny the flavor of noodle soup Hanoi and any other place. A bowl filled with beef slices or thin chicken, the fatty sauce is rich in aromatic scallions of green onion, fresh lemon, pepper, ... And certainly pho will satisfy even the real taste. most difficult guests.   2. Roll cake Ha Noi children from the far back on a beautiful morning also did not forget to call a traditional plate rolls. Hanoians consider eating bread as a habit. They like to sit and watch the steamed rice cake roll, spread onion grease, sprinkle dried yellow onions, cut a pair of cinnamon rolls on top. When you pick up a plate of hot rolls and eat with sweet and sour sauce, sprinkle a little pepper fragrant, it is like enjoying a delicacy so fine ...   3. Bun noodles If the dishes such as rolls or noodles do not get the sympathy of people eat by folk, bun thang is the most feast of Hanoi. A bowl full of vermicelli noodles and ingredients such as chicken, fried eggs, dried shrimps, pork rolls, mushrooms ... The water used to be rich, sweet smell of bone fragments. Since the past, this noodle dish has been viewed as the culinary essence of Hanoians.   4. Flaked ribs Grilled ribs are one of the popular dishes of Hanoians. There is no need for a diner, just a pair of bowls with a spoon, some plastic chairs are enough children to create a barbecue grove familiar with many customers. A bowl of porridge with hot smoked smoke, a few extra pieces of crispy crispy nose is especially suitable for enjoying in a winter morning of Hanoi. 5. Bread As in other places in the country, bread is a familiar light in Hanoi. If you do not have much time for breakfast, then bread is the perfect choice. Whether it is pate bread, meatloaf or sausage, fried eggs, savory eggs, beef ... are easy to capture the sympathy of people eat the first time enjoy. From only VND10,000 to VND20,000 for a good-looking, cheap breakfast, bread is a must for the traveler.   6. Cakes Hot cakes are not only eaten in the morning but can be served on any day of the day. Ingredients of rice cake include: rice flour, minced meat, mushrooms. The pyramid-shaped cake is carefully wrapped in banana leaves as it contains a refreshing culinary essence. One day in Hanoi will be cold, nothing better when tourists visit Thuy Khue, call the hot pork cake, sip with melon and spicy chili sauce. The price is very reasonable, ranging from 10,000 - 25,000 VND / unit.   7. Xoi It is a mistake to mention the familiar breakfast of the Hanoians without mentioning the sticky rice. If past sticky rice simply cooked gac, corn, beans, peanuts served with pork, chopped meat or the current, the sticky rice, sticky rice sticky mushroom ... more the menu of this dish more rich This rustic pastry is easily found in the capital, ranging from street vendors to large, beautifully decorated restaurants that are convenient for visitors to enjoy.   8. Crab vermicelli In the noodle dishes of Hanoi, next to the noodle noodles, bun cha ..., bun crab noodle is no less popular at the popular level and favorite customers. The ingredients of the noodle bowl include vermicelli, small crab, fried beans, tomatoes, scallions, vinegar and can add a little shrimp paste. When eaten, people take a little more raw vegetables and chopped banana stalks sprinkled to give the dish more balance and perfect. Sour sour, bar, bold flavor of special copper to enjoy right in the hot summer days of Hanoi.

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