Wednesday, April 25, 2018

9 specialties in Tet traditional in mountainous areas

Deep-fried steaks, buffalo steak, fish grilled and steamed rice .. special dishes are featured in the traditional Tet traditional tray in the highlands.

Buffalo meat stew   Buffalo meat was marinated until dry, a famous dish of the Thai people in the new year. Unique dishes that are attractive to the present but down to the lowland. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, mountain people often have the habit of killing a buffalo, cow or pig to prepare a variety of dishes to celebrate the new year.   Rice   The rice will be cooked with glutinous rice or sticky rice thoroughly and then baked in a fresh cork on the coal stove. When cooked, the fresh flavor of the banana will be absorbed into the rice aroma cool, especially attractive and different.   Buffalo horns   This is the food of the Co Tu ethnic people, indispensable food in the holidays in the Northwest. There is another name for the hoes, similar to the plain ones, but there are no green beans and wrapped with leaves. The cake can be salty, light, sweet depending on the family taste. Grilled spring rolls Fish used here carp stream seasoned with marjoram, garlic ginger, herbs and then baked on the charcoal stove. This unique dish is also featured in the Thai holidays.   Divided in color The color of sticky rice is completely used in natural materials, unique and sophisticated processing by Tay people in Sapa or Thai people in Yen Bai province. White rice from sticky rice and sticky rice from the leaves of the forest soaked with rice. Red from red rice or gac fruit. Blue from sticky rice leaves or blue rice, yellow from turmeric, purple from glutinous rice, black from the leaves gouging.   Fish and buffalo meat cooked in bamboo shoots Dishes cooked in bamboo straw are a favorite food of mountainous people as well as traditional dishes during the Tet festival. Raw fish caught in large rivers, dried, put on the bamboo stakes on the stove like dried buffalo meat or freshly processed in the large bamboo tube. In addition to fish, the dish is said to be the best dish in the Tet holiday of mountainous people in the occasion of Tet is heart and buffalo meat cooked in the tube is quite fruity with special taste.   Black Cakes   Black pudding is a very special dish of Tay people. This is also the only dish made during Tet. Cakes are made from carefully selected ingredients from the forest leaves, soaked leaves, dried leaves, forest pigs ... and packaged into cylindrical or folded like a dessert.   Roasted chicken with honey   Leaves of honey are indispensable ingredients to create a unique flavor for the food of mountainous people. Especially the chicken soup with sweet honey mixed with the sweet-sour taste of sweet, sweet chicken and the same dot cross. This delightful dish is often cooked by the Nung Phan Sinn people during the Lunar New Year, similar to the boiled chicken of the lowland people. Corn wine, wine One can not fail to mention the wine of maize, the wine needs one of the traditional drinks and is a specialty of H'Mong and Dao ethnic people during Tet holidays. Taste of wine is made of natural ingredients that are warm and passionate aromas that are hard to forget.

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