Sunday, April 15, 2018

All the souvenirs while traveling Hoi An

Silk, lanterns, floating cards, hooks ... are the famous souvenirs that you can not ignore while traveling Hoi An.

1. Silk Silk is an exquisite souvenir bearing the beauty of the people of Hoi An ancient town. Soft, light and airy is the highlight of Hoi An silk. Visitors can choose for themselves the silk fabrics are available or you can order according to the style or sample that you like. After playing the old town, you can get back. In addition, visitors can choose to buy silk clothing is also quite popular in Hoi An. A silk scarf is one of the most popular gifts that many visitors choose as gifts with an average price of 150,000 VND. Hoi An silk village is not only the place to provide silk products with traditional silk weaving more than 300 years stored. In addition to shopping, visitors can visit silkworm houses, silkworm houses and displaying products. 2. Bronze Statue Copper statue is a souvenir of meaning is sold very popular in the ancient town of Hoi An. The bronze statues carved sophisticated with the shape meaning, familiar with the people of Vietnam. These statues are priced from 130 to 350,000 VND. To be able to buy with cheap fake and also have the opportunity to learn about the craft cast visitors can visit the craft village of Phuoc Kieu. Come to the village, in addition to the bronze statue, visitors can choose different products such as drums, animals or gong drums. 3. Lantern Lantern is one of the cultural characteristics of the people of Hoi An. Lanterns are crafted from bamboo frame, silk fabric ... from 15,000 VND a small lantern. There are many different models and designs such as a cylindrical lantern, flying saucer, crown lantern, garlic bulb or lantern. 4. Carved wood furniture Wood carvings are one of the most famous products of the village of Hoi An are many visitors choose as gifts. Kim Bong Carpentry Village attracts tourists with souvenirs made of wood such as wooden stamps, landscapes or other carved portraits on the bamboo base. The prices of these other touches are priced from 120,000 VND to 300,000 VND. 5. Promissory note This is a souvenir when traveling Hoi An extremely artistic and delicate that visitors can buy right at the sidewalk by the road. The card is made quite meticulous and picky, unlike other ordinary cards, this card is characterized when opening the card will emerge with vibrant colors as real. It is because of its sophisticated and lively sophistication has become a gift many visitors choose to buy as gifts. The card is made with many different models for you to choose as lotus, buildings, spacecraft ... for 40,000. 6. He lands Seed is one of the famous products of Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An. This is a cheap souvenir in Hoi An popular with many tourists. With only 5,000 VND, you can buy three beautiful miniature seedlings made of pottery. 7. Paintings If you are a painting lover, can not ignore the opportunity to contemplate and buy a picture as a gift when coming to Hoi An. Along the streets of Hoi An, there are many shops displaying oil paintings. The paintings describe the traditional life of the Vietnamese people, as well as the natural landscape of human beings, is very simple. 8. Embroidery Embroidery products are sold in shops in Hoi An mainly: tablecloths, pillows, curtains, bed sheets ... are embroidered flowers, Phoenix, mountains are very meticulous. Their color and size are also varied, suited to your requirements. Not only limited to interior decoration, embroidery products also meet the needs of visitors when providing items such as dress, vest, luggage, hats, shoes and accessories accessories. is a hint for you to choose souvenirs when traveling Hoi An. 9. Bamboo chopsticks For foreign tourists especially from the West when traveling to Vietnam will have the opportunity to explore the culture of using chopsticks of the Vietnamese. To Hoi An, visitors will see a lot of shops selling bamboo chopsticks of Vietnam and some other Asian countries. So you can choose some pairs of chopsticks for souvenirs before leaving Hoi An.

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