Thursday, April 12, 2018

April in the romantic season of Hanoi.

Hanoi is the ideal tourist destination never hot because year-round throughout the month people can find interesting things in this land. April in Hanoi singing the season is clear will be the romantic moment of the season is stirring around the streets of the capital, this is definitely the time to visit cannot be ignored for those who love Hanoi.

April in Hanoi is the time of the trees sprout, spring months with the transfer of spring and summer. Maybe many people are tired of the spring rain left, hate the air is wet and the sky is overcast. In April, Hanoi will receive warm sunshine, dry roads and extremely pleasant. Asked in April in Hanoi what you will surely think of the white lilies are sold in all streets in Hanoi, in the street vendors, markets and park ...

The trumpet is also called Bách Triết that makes people have to fray between the place of flowers. Also by the season, you can easily see the flickering shoots on the rough trees as if it were to bring water to everywhere.   April 4 Ho Guom seems to be also dressed up a green tree more beautiful, more sparkling. The sesame seeds then pour out the crimson leaves and sprout buds sprout. The branches are still beautiful but still beautiful in the dry weather in April. The walking street seems more crowded than walking by more pleasant air. Many people want to come here just to stroll and enjoy the unique cultural space in this place. The West seems to be greener, the fresh winds make people feel peaceful and pleasant as the venting of all sorrows when coming here. The restaurant is still the same, still lemon tea, ice tea sidewalk, still the small pavement crowded coffee shop, the aromatic coffee shop, still the dishes are foreign guests, domestic guests praise   Hanoi night still beautiful dream like any day, walking on the Long Bien bridge to see the cold to wear more clothes or visit the bustling morning market and busy. Many people fall in love with autumn Hanoi, some people love the cold cut the skin, cutting meat here but certainly, April delivery season will be a difficult experience to ignore when coming to Hanoi. Come to see the petals in March still remain, streets decorated beautifully on the 30/4 and enjoy the most interesting of Hanoi

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