Thursday, April 19, 2018

Arrive in Hue, but experience the new space walking street toe

Not only Hanoi or Saigon, but Hue now has a walking street for people and visitors to visit. Now, when visiting the ancient capital, visitors have a new entertainment options to ensure extremely attractive. Walking street in Hue officially opened on the evening of 29/9/2017. Shortly after opening, Pham Ngu Lao - Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau walking street in Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City attracted not only the western guests but very crowded guests. Let's Travel Vietnam to discover something special here!

  Walking street in Hue on the weekend   It is known that the walking street will operate from 18h to 2am the next day on the third weekend. Hue pedestrian walkway has a total length of more than 1km, including Pham Ngu Lao road 215m long, Chu Van An road 350m long and Vo Thi Sau road 480m long.   There is a special thing here is not only west but very crowded guests, and half of them are guests ... Hue. Now, young people of Hue see this as a fun weekend address can not be ignored.   "I walked to the street on a cold winter weekend and felt a rush of warmth from the bustling restaurants," according to a tourist from Hue. They are young bands from the Hue Academy of Music and the universities come to play music. They are young painters who come here to paint portraits for visitors. They are students to travel here to serve the restaurant and English language trainers ... Walking in Hue so that until 2 am. This is the area "West Street" Pham Ngu Lao - Vo Thi Sau - Chu Van An, where visitors stop cross to Hue. In addition to rearranging tourist service establishments, the city authorities also mobilize and support the households to open new forms of services ... to attract tourists.   Interesting experiences in the pedestrian street in Hue In addition to strolling sightseeing, visitors will enjoy the "show" street art performances by the young bands of the Hue Academy of Music and universities to play music. In addition, the walking street in Hue also has young painters coming here to paint portraits for visitors. Especially, in the pedestrian street, there will be a unique Hue cuisine area where you can enjoy and feel the old capital.   Alexander Youssef, a German tourist, said he liked the neighborhood, as it was beautiful, clean and friendly. "I like street bands, enjoy sidewalk food and drinks," Youssef said. Meanwhile, Le Xuan Phuong, the young bar owner of the DMZ bar in the pedestrian street, said that not only foreigners but also Hue people, especially young people .   "Many bands, street groups, puppetry art groups are also being introduced by young people to walk." Of course, much work has to be done to improve pedestrian streets, but hopefully It will be Hue's distinctive Walk Street, "Phuong said.   So come here, you will no longer see Hue as "the city to bed early" as tourists still complain. According to information from the city's management, the neighborhood is stretched to the banks of the Huong River, connected to the old Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, with Truong Tien Bridge and Dong Ba Market.   In order to bring maximum convenience to tourists, the city also arranges motorbike and car parking places for a fee for guests' vehicles; At the same time, arrange the car care, no charge for the means of people in these three streets ...

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