Tuesday, April 17, 2018

At the end of the year do not miss the 7th Dalat Flower Festival - 2017

Da Lat love city promises many interesting things to attract many visitors. Being a flower lover, loving Dalat and romantic atmosphere here can not be ignored to the Festival of Da Lat Flower Festival held once every 2 years. Traveling in Vietnam, traveling to the bustle of the bustling festival, feeling the breath of this dream city. Referring to the city of Dalat, we often associate with thousands of colorful flowers blooming in the morning light. So Dalat is named for a beautiful name "city of flowers" and Dalat Flower Festival is the event was held solemnly, attracting many visitors to visit the visit.

This year's festival is entitled "Da Lat Flower - wonderful cry from the good land" is held in 5 days from December 23 to 27, with many exciting and joyful activities that people and cities. Da Lat City is ready to bring visitors unique experiences, impressive and remember forever. Be delighted to taste all the delicious wines On Ho Tung Mau street in Ho Xuan Huong park section, from 23/12. Until 02/01, the street is Tea - Café - Wine and specialties Dalat - Lam Dong. You are delighted to taste and taste many kinds of tea, coffee and especially the famous wines have long been, the Dalat specialties are included. Accompanying this experiential activity, there are exciting, exciting and unique artistic shows that promise jubilant, bustling and eclectic moments. Vegetables, fruits are present in Dalat flower festival 2017 Not only you admire the beautiful flowers innocently crowded in this land of flowers that visitors also visit the Market Vegetables - Da Lat flowers. This event will be held from December 23rd to February 2nd at the venue of Dalat Urban Culture Park. The brand of agricultural products is introduced, popular brand to visitors with items such as vegetables, flowers, fruits, coffee, agricultural tourism. The agricultural products here always meet the criteria of clean, high quality and reasonable price, you spoiled for purchase as gifts for relatives and friends. Great lake with pictures in flower exhibition Dalat An indispensable and missed opportunity when coming to Da Lat Flower Festival is the check-in experience, selfie with flowers. The city of thousands of flowers really fascinate tourists with a variety of colorful flowers, with a unique shape, variety is displayed around Xuan Huong Lake area, Le Dai Hanh flowers, Cau Dao, Park Tran Hung Dao… Bring a photo, design a beautiful moment in the romantic city full of floral aromas during the tour to explore the Dalat tour. Special art show during Dalat Flower Festival 2017 Besides, during the Festival, the nights were held continuously at various venues with the participation of famous artists along with many different topics, held magnificently.

In addition, at the Da Lat Palace Golf Course, there is also the Asian Fashion Week - Silk Festival from 23/12 to 25/12. You can admire the show fashion professional but no less flexible, flexible. Da Lat Flower Festival is a great event, with profound meaning, honor flower and flower art in Da Lat. This is a chance for the city to introduce and promote the brand to domestic and foreign tourists to visit and relax while promoting the trend of increasing the economic index of the city in a positive direction.

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