Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bac Lieu fish: 6 delicious dishes

Fish are found almost all around the Mekong River, but the most delicious fish is Bac Lieu. Not only the cultural relics, religious history, Bac Lieu also countless delicious food difficult to endure or tourists, especially fishing latch.

When it is raining, the fish in this area fat son fat, abdomen carrying heavy gold eggs, racing along the canals to spawn. It is time to catch fish on the delicious dishes taste.
Fish sauce with chili paste The fish sauce of chili paste is very delicious and easy to cook. Served with chili peppers for the fish on the fire, for a moment was flying fragrant to the intestines. Just a little fish soup with white rice is good enough stomach then. Fatty fish without the smell, the smell of the egg in the sweet smell of lemongrass peppers that make customers satisfied. Fish to cook young me There may be a lot of sour soup from pangasius, cooked with rice, with cotton buds or young leaves. Each soup has its own flavor, but the most delicious to mention is cooked with young leaves. This dish is better when people are increasingly afraid to go to pick young leaves, just how poles are not so much. This is the reason why this dish is becoming rare, not want to eat at all. The smell of me is slightly faint, soothing water, pick up the fish that was cooked in mash water no longer smell fish but the dots in the fish sauce with a few chili peppers are delicious to him. Cups of sour soup, you forget the tired of not only the leaves of vitamin C but also the natural flavor that the art of cooking sometimes forget some. Blue banana leaf fish Fish is also processed a delicious dish is quite unique that is green banana omelets. Fish cleansing, marinated spice, banana chit green slices pieces and then mixed with fish. How to do like green banana omelette with snail but there is a thing to make the fish after braised still have to keep the original eye-catching. Banana braised fish has the scent of fish, lemongrass, spicy chili, the fat feeling sweet sweet banana, all soothing to the mouth to create a flavor that stamps the countryside. Fish sauce For fish sauce to catch fish, soaking fish in cold water for about fifteen minutes, tightening two large prongs sticky, the gut, washed, put outdoors to dry just put in salted. In the past, people often roasted salt until the salt is completely exploded, brought down to cool new fish. Different with fish sauce, salted fish sauce fish sauce, people also added more wine, salt, sugar, hearing ... Small fish should be marinated, mixed with fish to salt, alcohol, hearing (not classify as fish snake). Mix well and put into the jar, coconut shells tightly, the top of the grated coconut stick to hard. Finally pour the salt water diluted. About a week later the fish is eaten. In addition, the fish is also used to store pepper, artisanal ..., which is also delicious, many flavors, leaving the impression difficult to fade tourists when coming to the land of Bac Lieu immense river.

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