Monday, April 30, 2018

Buffalo dipped in beef - Western food

Soft buffalo meat mixed with the water is cleverly mixed with sour, salty sweet, spicy to the nose cavity that you just eat and want to inhale.

Buffalo dipping is a special dish of the West, the restaurant is varied and processed in many ways with different flavors. Choose dipped meat, cut the meat and marinate with lemongrass, chili, garlic, salt, sweeten, sugar for one hour. The dipping of bovine meat is also made to be sour, not harsh, and spicy with chili, lemongrass. Buffalo meat is presented on the plate, on the thin sliced ​​onions. This dish is indispensable for western vegetables such as cotton, crayfish or small sprout, lobster, gourd, gardenia ... The vegetables will contribute to the flavor of the dish. Buffalo dipping. When eating just dip the buffalo meat into a pot of water with vegetables, have both heat and nutritious. The shops in the West also added crayfish leaves, ear leaves eaten with fresh bun. Price of a pot of about 250,000.

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