Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cake with grilled salted pepper and delicious exotic

Fish cuc also called banana fish, the famous specialty of Danang and some coastal central provinces should have mouths' mouth like fish cui cu.
Currently, this species has been present in many restaurants, eateries and other localities.
Crab is a catfish, living in salt water, tuna-like appearance but slightly flat and long. Fish cui cu cu very gentle, slightly tough, when cooked tastes delicious, not tanh ... The characteristics of the crab fish is after the fillet, the remaining skeletons cooked baked, the eaters can chew raw crispy just fragrant. The best part is fish head, who have good teeth can eat bone. Currently, fish dishes are competing brands with many other famous fish. The advantage of the crabs are grilled salt is chewy meat, medium fragrant and can eat bone. Want to make excellent quality grilled dishes, the chef always choose bright fish, red fish, cleaned and then marinated with lemongrass, garlic, chili and less salt to permeate before baking. The most grilled on the charcoal stove. Those who like picking up can use palm oil or honey to fry fish three or three times to add flavor and delicious. The fish is cooked, the skin will yellow, fragrant aroma, especially the smell of citronella and the mild smell of chili will make customers do not pass. Grilled crab with salt and pepper sauce sauce and served with raw vegetables, sour pickle, young ginger, tomato, cucumber add to the unique flavor, attractive. People eat feel pungent, warm and refreshing. Many people enjoy the grill as a burger, some people see this as the main meal. Especially rice cooked with her rice rice fragrant. Fish cuckoo fish is just fat, rich flavor. If you compare the deliciousness does not lose any kind of fish. Therefore, fish cakes have become a specialty of high economic value and increasingly attract tourists, especially food connoisseurs.

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