Friday, April 13, 2018

Check in the most beautiful coffee shops in Hanoi

Hanoi has many restaurants for guests who love taking pictures, check in and take beautiful photos. Some suggestions below.

 1. Money Community   Located in the famous coffee shop chain of Hanoi, Money Money is always the hotest meeting point in the capital, from the morning until the morning until 22 noon guests still have. Having the most expensive location in the capital is the reason why it is more crowded than other places. Quan located on the second floor corner Trang Tien - Nguyen Xí, one side overlooking the Sword Lake, one side overlooking the Opera House. 2. Ruman Cafe   Ruman coffee is famous for its premium coffee made with expensive specialized tools. Cakes, lunches, and dinners are also served professionally and more rigorously than others. However, young people come here to check in more than to enjoy food because prices are more expensive than common ground. 3. Cosa Nostra   This coffee shop is located in the corner that young people often call "The European Corner in Hanoi". It can be said that the cafe has the best view in the cafe in Hanoi, with a clear view, wide green garden. eyes, located on the side of the Opera House with no high-rise buildings at eye level. Even sitting on the first floor, guests can also sit by the window to view the crossroads, to sip a cup of coffee overlooking the streets in the afternoon skirted through the windows peacefully, peacefully. 4. 9NKC House   The name of the restaurant is shortened from the address of the restaurant, which is 9 Nguyen Khac Can, the restaurant has quite diverse space in the house, close to the window, the sky well, on the terrace. Thoroughly invested in design, House 9 NKC was voted one of the most beautiful coffee in Hanoi but not much space outside. 5. The Kafe   The Kate was a hot cafe by the space layout is very simple but extremely modern. At that time, The Kafe was the first to decorate the shop with large windows, wood furniture is very Western Currently, the Kate has expanded more branches such as restaurants, fast food ... but the address in Dien Bien Phu is still the most attractive location because of the beautiful location. 6. Ground Floor Cosmo   The new name makes you a bit strange, but basically Cosmo floor is open on the old shop called La Vie En Rose on the quiet, peaceful street Phuc Hao. The capital is an old villa, a large yard, under the cool canopy. If you want a quiet place you can go to the second floor balcony, hiding yourself in the green space, fresh, relaxed to read a book that no one found you. With the ground floor is the design shops, many guests in their free time to visit and find the clothes you like. 7. E.tea   Even though it is a teahouse, e.tea is not picky, but once you want to come back. Located in a quiet corner of the downtown area, the restaurant has a romantic balcony with white irons that look down into the slow, quiet water, bringing you the moments of relaxation.

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