Sunday, April 22, 2018

Check-in South of Phu Quoc, chase two suns

Nam Phu Quoc, a destination can check in super nice at any angle. Especially on the highest peak of the mountain long ridge in the middle of the ocean where visitors can "catch" both the sun.

Stand between the two suns   If world tourism enthusiasts praised the sand path connecting two islands "Modo" and "kinda" in Korea, or the romantic sea route in Diep Son (Khanh Hoa) Start heading to Mui Ong Team - Phu Quoc. At the highest peak of the mountain ridge in the middle of the ocean is where visitors can catch two suns.   Morning dream, turn to the right, visitors can admire the crystal clear, fresh dawn after the mountainside. And when it was down, just to the left was a warm, brilliant sunset on the golden sea. There is no place to help nature lovers feel the transition of time so clearly. It must be an impressive experience that every visitor desires to try once in a lifetime.   With hands "pearl" When the wing aircraft in the sky south of Phu Quoc, many visitors have admired the scenic sea island beautiful view from above. And who does not wish to fly closer, lower to see the beaches, forests, mountains and beautiful paradise underneath?   From here, from the top of the cable tower, 20 meters high on Hon Thom Island, the most beautiful island chain of Nam Phu Quoc is completely captured in sight, clearly unprecedented. Imagine as with the hand is to reach, both the beautiful "jade block" shape is prominent in the deep blue ocean.   With friends making a trekking through the forest at Hon Thom for about two hours, visitors can explore the isolated beach on the rapids. This place is full of natural stone shapes, colorful coral reefs, and even the green of the sea is also beautiful to make tourists travel.
Mirroring at Nail Beach "Forget the Maldives. Because this is heaven! ", Friend Olive Sanders - Spanish tourists exclaimed when the canoe just hit the nail. Only a few hundred thousand dongs per person, international guests can enjoy all the most memorable experiences in life at the beautiful island chain around Hon Thom such as Nail, Clouds, Ngang ...   Nail Beach is a small but one of the most fascinating beach. It has soft, fine sandy beaches, and in particular, the colors of the blue sea are like jade, and the coral and rock strata are deep.   Check-in with the giant sphinx at Ngang Island   Compared with the island of Hon Tay, seawater near Ngang Island is equally green. But the shoreline is more pristine, suitable for young travelers who love snorkeling and watching coral reefs.   And when the afternoon is the time of Chim Nuong conquer all hearts love the sea island. Sunset pouring gold on the giant sphinx stone blocks with the body lying on the sea. According to the indigenous fishermen, not everyone admires this spectacular sunset. Even with longtime seafarers, watching the sapphire piggybacking the sun is truly a rare blessing on the way to the sea.   At the beginning of 2018, when the cable car Hon Thom open the sky to explore the island from above, you definitely have to South Phu Quoc to see "paradise". How many frames, strange, countless delicious food, the most experienced are waiting in the south of Ngoc island.

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