Sunday, April 22, 2018

Check out the highlights of April

April is a time of profound meaning for the people of Vietnam. On the 30th of April 1975, the S country was completely liberated and unified. For carving and memorial services, a series of travel events are opened during the month.

Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day A tourist event is taking place from 12th to 15th of April at 23/9 park. The theme of the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival is entitled "Hello," organized by Ho Chi Minh Tourism Department. On this occasion, visitors have the opportunity to select many programs from travel companies, restaurants, hotels are worth up to 50%. Not only stop at that point, a series of cultural activities are taking place bustling and exciting. The feeling of being in the air is a wonderful moment, unforgettable. The booths hold the games, the chance of luck can smile with you when the winnings are awarded valuable gifts. Hung Kings - Hung Temple Festival Every year, to commemorate the Hung Kings have built the country, the people of Phu Tho province in particular and Vietnam in general always towards the source, to remember the meaning. In 2018, Hung Temple festival will take place from 21 to 25/4, in Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province.   Participating in the festival, visitors have the opportunity to witness the main part of the ceremony. At the same time enjoy the delicious food in this place. Space is more exciting, fun when you mix into the folk games, especially the "special" Phu Tho. Hue Festival X times Back to the Central, in Thua Thien Hue province, held the Tenth Festival Hue Festival entitled "Cultural heritage with integration and development - Hue 1 point to 5 heritage. The opening night was held at 20h on 27/4 at Ngo Mon Square. Enjoying the space of bustling, magnificent scale, 2 years of the organization once, you are integrated into the arts and cultural activities as impressive as the International Culinary Festival, Festival street culture color, Trinh Cong Son Music Festival, Ao Dai festival ... Participating in Hue X Festival, visitors have the opportunity to stroll on the walking street Nguyen Dinh Chieu, watching the romantic Perfume River, drifting away. Not only did this stop, the highlight of the festival was a glittering display of up to 1,000 LEDs and a cannonball at the station. Ha Long Carnival Tour In the hot summer days, in Quang Ninh province is honored to celebrate the Ha Long Carnival. The atmosphere of street culture is bustling, mixed with the dance music joyful. The Carnival will kick off on the 28th. Of course, with this tourist event, visitors cannot ignore the taste of delicious dishes with the fresh sea breeze.   Da Nang 2018 Fireworks Festival Every two years, Da Nang fireworks festival is held in international stature. This is a highlight event, highlighting Da Nang tourism. Have the opportunity to explore the city, you should visit this festival, feel the scale, monumental to how. This year, the festival lasted up to two months, from April 30th to June 30th, with the theme "Legends of bridges" including the following countries: Vietnam - Poland (late April 30th) France - US (26/5), Italy - Hong Kong (2/6), Switzerland - Portugal (9/6). Finals 30/6 will be the battle of the two best teams. April seems to be flooded with the bustling and bustling tourist events. Enjoy the festivities that you feel the scale, magnificence of these events. So why do not you carry your backpack during this time and come to conquer the new things that are waiting for you in the forefront?

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