Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Coc Pai Market, the highest corner of Vietnam

Coc Pai is a small town in Xin Man District, located at the top and highest in the northwest of Ha Giang Province.

Newly established in 2009, the simple town with a main street about 3km long from the top of Coc Pai bridge to the other side is the road down the Nana Ma valley. It is said that this is one of the smallest and tallest towns in Vietnam. New establishment, but Coc Pai again hidden the wonderful that any "moving people" want to stop once. The way to Coc Pai if you go from Ha Giang province, through the town of Yen Binh then turn to the steep road with hundreds of bends with vertical cliffs and a deep abyss, jagged rock blocks sharp cat. The steep sections such as 62km from Yen Binh junction to Coc Pai become obsessed with driving the car every time "crawled". For motorbike lovers, the motorbike is quite easy for all roads, but it takes about 3 hours to arrive. It is said that this is the most difficult road in Ha Giang province and the North West. Pai on high, the higher the climb the air as calm, cool. Right from the Bac Ha - Lao Cai, Coc Pai is called Sa Pa of Ha Giang by the cool climate around the cloud cover. The road through the tiny town seems to be always in the clouds, making the town more quiet, peaceful. The small intersection in the town just across a few houses were built to see the village with the roof of the walls, pipes. In the frosty silver mountains are the houses of the Hmong, Nung, La Chi, Cao Lan, the terraced field swept the ball spreading spread. Coc Pai town also has bustling days when each week a market session on Sunday. Market for agricultural products, livestock, poultry and consumer goods, handmade brocade. The colorful skirt of the Mongolian people, the deep blue, Indigo color of the Dao, Nung, the black of the Tay, Cao Lan, the colorful flowers of the La Chi people ... like butterflies brightly bowl Points for the town every time the market is in session. Coc Pai market as well as other markets in the highland, people come to trade, exchange of essential needs but also the opportunity to meet, dating and ask each other. So in the eating area is always the most fun place. People come here when the market is over half an hour. After the greetings, the cup of wine to say, the carefree smile of highlanders always filled the air market. In another corner, where young people are dating chat, we meet the glittering eyes, smiles smeared cover yellow teeth, rosy cheeks blushed when the eyes of the stranger.

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