Sunday, April 29, 2018

Come and experience the craft villages in Hanoi

Coming to the traditional craft villages in Hanoi, visitors will be able to see the hands of "gold" skillfully create the products characteristic of each village. Coming to each of Hanoi's villages, visitors will find traditional cultural values ​​hidden in the familiar landscape of the Red River delta: village gate, temple of profession, centuries-old house, roof ancient houses, wells or in each fine handicraft products developed through generations.

There are also good artisans, considered as the "living museum" of each village, heard about the process of formation, development of the profession, the experience of those who passed before and passed the witnesses. The "golden" hands create a unique product of each village. Tour guides are the village workers, will give visitors an interesting moment through the rustic introduction but very deep ... There can be many villages like that. For example, if you choose to travel from the center of Hanoi, along the National Highway 1A about 20km to the south, visitors come to Quat Dong embroidery village, Thach Xa garment village; Duyen Thai, American specializing in lacquer, mosaic; Nhan Hien village is skilled in stone sculpture. Then the village of Vác making paper fan, bird cage; Bell village, Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo village with skewed oaks is known as the pinnacle of Vietnamese knitting art; Hamlet of Cake Pie; The village of adjacent lobbies ... The adjacent villages, closely linked to each other, sometimes only a rice field or a river ... And experience The most interesting for tourists on the tour in the village of Hanoi is to experience life here. For example, in Bat Trang pottery village, visitors will feel the great harmony between water, fire and Vietnamese soul. With more than 2,000 pottery kilns, Bat Trang is a pride of a traditional pottery village. As time passed, the village's products have developed and become famous both at home and abroad with quality, color glaze, style features of ancient villages on the banks of the Red River. Visiting Bat Trang pottery village, visitors can walk around the village or go on buffalo carts. Visitors can also manually knead the soil, molding, creating a product at the factory of a family working in the village. Admire the skillful hands of the craftsmen clattering the details on the ceramic turntable, visitors also visit many beautiful and interesting places such as Temples, worshiping the daughter of Bat Trang Folk worship with the brand "Thanh Mau Duong", the beautiful and noble Cuu Long statue ... Coming to Van Phuc silk village, visitors can hear the familiar tone of the silk weaving. Under the skillful hands of the Van Phuc weavers based on traditional techniques have created many unique silk fabrics such as silk, noise, brocade, stature ... are customers in and the country. Popularity. Coming to Phu Vinh, a famous village with a long life. Visitors can see old people, children drunk with bamboo products and always smile welcoming friendly visitors. Ha Noi's trade village is so, but many people love the discovery, the village has not been fully exploited tourism companies are often the ideal destination. Before the simple beauty, the cultural values ​​are intact, the status quo, each person will have their own feelings, the examination itself after each trip ...

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