Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Crushed squid with vegetables, pickles in Phan Thiet

Squid eggs, white, looking firm. You just pick up, point to the salt of lemon pepper, add the leaves of vegetables and some sour dishes, so enough to feel a dish is considered specialty Phan Thiet.

Phan Thiet is the ideal land of devotees to discover food. Many people joke that, Phan Thiet is afraid you are not enough stomach to eat, not worry about not have delicious food to enjoy. From pancakes, rice cakes, Quang noodles to snails, salad fish apricot, drop ... have the characteristic taste to forget. However, Phan Thiet has a few people know, but sure that you should try to come here, it is steamed eggs. White, opaque octopus, may look strange at first, but when heated up, bring a little smoke up will cause your stomach to crave for cravings. This dish is very simple, just add salt of lemon pepper, add a few slices of chili peppers, a plate of raw vegetables and aromatic dishes and a sour dish is enough. This dish is often sold on the sidewalk, or in Phan Thiet market. Because of the food that many locals love to eat, so want to buy fresh squid eggs, you should go to the market early, do not let the lunch will run out. This octopus can be eaten, sip in the afternoon or afternoon. Eggs are also processed into squid, with black soy sauce, red (chili sauce). A plate of squid eggs sold in the market from 10,000 to 15,000, and should be eaten when finished. Have a chance to visit Phan Thiet, next to enjoy the famous delicacies, sip pieces of squid eggs, squid, along with iced tea or small wine, will make you understand why this simple dish so attractive.

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