Monday, April 16, 2018

Cua Van fishing village - a peaceful and romantic paradise on Halong Bay

There will be no place in the world to have a peaceful fishing village in the midst of a natural wonder like Cua Van fishing village in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay - a beautiful natural wonders of creativity with the scenic rivers and water vigorous, romantic like a watercolor painting magic, lively and charming. In the midst of this beautiful natural beauty, a colorful space suddenly appears that is the fishing village of Cua Van Tourism Vietnam visit the village of the top "12 beautiful villages such as fairy tales in the world". slightly.

Where is Cua Van fishing village?

Cua Van fishing village is a village of Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, which originated from two fishing villages, namely Giang Voong and Truc Vong. To get to Cua Van, you can catch the bus of Hoang Long Express (15 minutes / trip) or catch bus at My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam to Ha Long, it only takes about 3-4 hours to arrive. place. Come to the most beautiful floating village in the world, you will be able to admire the charming paintings and blend into the fresh air of Cua Van.
  Situated in a calm sea, surrounded by rocky mountains, Cua Van floating village is the first floating cultural village model for fishermen in the sea in Vietnam. The life and culture of the fishing village on Ha Long Bay is clearly reflected in Cua Van fishing village.
What is interesting about Cuu Van fishing village?

Bringing the natural beauty that the Creator has given, Cua Van fishing village has attracted tourists from the first time by the simple things that attract. Simply from the boats, the bamboo sticks at the front of the house, the gantry houses tied against the thunderstorms to the simple, plain but extremely hospitable fishermen. All of them contain the pristine features of a coastal fishing village.
  Come to Cuu Van fishing village to admire the romantic ecological scenery, visit the floating culture exhibition, fish cage, pearl farms ... Also you can climb the mountain range behind. The central place to see and feel the life of the fishing village in Ha Long Bay from above.  
When night falls you will be rowing around the village, with fishermen pulling nets, ink fishing, fishing .... Most interesting is to enjoy their own when the hand caught the fish, shrimp netted in the basket to bring their own processing, enjoy the seafood that caught his hand.

At this point, besides sailing and sightseeing, visitors also have a great experience when visiting Cua Van fishing village is: rowing, pulling net, squid fishing, self-made seafood dishes. Or on the days of festivals, weddings, you can hear the fishermen sing, rowing (as a form of singing with many traditional folk songs of the long Ha Long Bay).    
Ha Long tourism is growing and attract tourists to visit but Cua Van fishing village this year is still an attractive tourist destination that anyone can not ignore when coming to Vietnam. In general, Ha Long Bay in particular. Not too noisy, not modern and not as commercial as other tourist spots

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