Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Da Lat spring flowers contemplate what kind of flowers?

Dubbed as the city of thousands of flowers, visitors throughout the four seasons of Dalat are attracted by the attractive flowers that make up the distinctive feature of every place. With the ideal climate favorable for the development of flowers. If you are planning to tour Da Lat cheap in the upcoming Tet holiday can not overlook the opportunity to admire the spring flowers of this romantic city. Flowers appear everywhere in Dalat from the green forests to the familiar streets, all creating a unique nuance attractive to tourists.

Referring to the spring flowers in Da Lat must mention the cherry apricot is considered the symbol flower of the city. At the beginning of the dry season in October every year Mai Anh Dao gold leaves, fall off, inert branches dormant and hibernate. When the sky is moving in the middle of January is Mai Anh Dao "wake" flowers blooming spring. Mai Anh Dao often hatched at the same time, chit flower from the root to the impressive. The city is like "wearing" pink shirt and has a strange charm, making people ecstatic, unforgettable.
Mimosa is considered to be the spring flower in Dalat hatching from late winter to early spring to make a special feature for Da Lat. Mimosa yellow flowers, with hundreds of tiny wings like a thread, round the title Bo Cong Anh. Mimosa hatches, bunches on a branch. The unique red apricot blossom signal spring in Da Lat that little known. Red chives often hatch into small bunches of flowers, thick wings, not bat size. This unique flower is often selected in the house of the Lunar New Year symbolizing good luck and prosperity. White flowers are a specialty of the North West is quite popular in Dalat. This flower usually blooms in spring with the white flowers blossom wing to create a beautiful character of the city of Da Lat dreaming. Travel Dalat spring visitors also have the opportunity to contemplate rosemary flowers with tiny flower petals in front of the wind. This is a fragile flower like plants that not everyone knows the name when coming to this city of flowers. Hoi Quynh also known as the flowers between Quynh Huong and Thanh Long. Flowers are favored by the variety of colors, not fragrant, hatch many days are not over. Japan usually blooms from October to March next year. Grapefruit is also a symbol of spring flowers. As their line, they look like tiny bells. When the sky is a harmony, a flower bouquet of beautiful lines. Da Lat is still attractive to tourists because of its inherent beauty. Admire the spring flowers in Dalat bring to the exciting experience for your spring trip more perfect.

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