Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Da Lat tourism in January watching cherry blossom

The cherry blossoms of cherry blossom cherry blossoms bloom as inviting tourists to the city of spring plateau. Cherry blossom is dubbed as the flower symbol of mourning, but you do not have to take Japan to see this flower. In mid-January, the Da Lat plateau is attractive to tourists by the rosy pink sky on both sides of the cherry tree. Cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom series, chit flower from the root to the top makes the city as a wrapped up his pink vest to fascinate any visitors to Dalat.

Cherry blossom is considered a flower species characteristic of Dalat, but not everywhere can be found in Vietnam. This flower has a special origin with the beauty of hybrid between peach and apricot to create the name Mai cherry was born. Every spring, visitors often come to Da Lat for a chance to admire the romantic scenery of the cherry blossom. This flower is considered the pride of the poetic highland city, but also gives visitors an enjoyable experience when they arrive in the city on the occasion of the blooming season. In October, Da Lat attracts tourists by the yellow color of wildflowers, the cherry tomatoes seem to be hibernating, impassable branches. Then when heaven and earth move to the spring in mid-January, visitors will be overwhelmed by the rosy pink overflowing the streets and streets of Dalat. Cherry blossom cherry blossom not shy that often blooming loat, blossoming pink blooming a sky that makes the city of Dalat inherently poetic more romantic.
If lucky visitors to Dalat on the occasion of cherry blossom apricot blossom can not miss the opportunity to save the wonderful moment here. Cherry blossom bloom most in Le Dai Hanh street near Da Lat market in the city center. Also, you can enjoy the scenery along Xuan Huong Lake. Sipping coffee along the lake to enjoy the romantic scene with flowers blossoming in a corner of the sky is an unforgettable experience for any traveler once set foot in Dalat.   Tran Hung Dao with ancient villas and cherry apricot trees lead the two sides to bring tourists pictures of Da Lat. To admire the romantic scene of cherry blossom Da Lat tourists have to look for these trees are not all in the street. Travelers are planning to travel Dalat for Tet holiday to see the brilliant cherry blossoms only in Da Lat is an unforgettable experience for visitors. Only on the occasion of spring visitors have the opportunity to look cherry tomorrow so arrange a trip to explore this poetic plateau.

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