Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Da Lat tourism in the unique roundhouse

In Da Lat dreaming is a unique hotel, building round tube room in the beautiful natural scenery.
In Da Lat dreaming is a unique hotel, building round tube room in the beautiful natural scenery. It is Circle Hotel, located on a small hill in Dang Thai Than street, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

This unique room type is enjoyed by many visitors and desires a one-time trial experience.
The tube rooms here are open, without any concrete walls wrapped around. Each room is painted a different color, very young and lively. Inside the small room, comfortable, visitors here will feel fun and close to nature. From these halls, visitors can look forward to seeing the beauty of the city with its thousands of villas, bustling and small streets hidden in the green pine forest. Surrounded by a variety of flowers, graceful. Especially early in the morning, visitors just pull the curtains can admire the fog in the valley or halfway through the pine look interesting. More interestingly, the spacious courtyard, airy in front of the hotel room is arranged for guests to work together. Here, visitors can organize campfire at night or organize cooking, playing games ...   This model is very suitable for people, open space for people to join together activities. Although not familiar, but by setting fire to camp together, drink a glass of wine, tea together is that people can talk about the experience of a trip or the good things in life. This type of hotel gives travelers the freedom, comfort and friendliness. Circle Hotel was built and designed by photographer Nguyen Quang Khai in Da Lat. He has built a new, unique, cheap hostel near the heart of Dalat for dust tourists for a long time, but not until July 2015 to do it. From this hotel, visitors can walk or motorbike to Dalat center and famous tourist attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Con Ga Church, Da Lat Market, Thien Lam Lake, Flower Garden the city ... Special, visitors will only take 3 minutes to drive to Phuong Trang bus station and cable car. If you have the opportunity to visit Dalat, visitors remember to experience the night in the round tube room nicely. This hotel has become a strange landmark between the romantic scenery of Da Lat.

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