Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Danang - the city of legendary bridges

Not only is the tourist city with beautiful beaches, Ba Na Hills is famous world, Danang also has bridges with strange architecture and set a world record. Da Nang has many bridges that ensure the well-being of the people and create the highlight of tourism development

  Han River Bridge The bridge is famous for its uniqueness. This bridge is considered as the highlight in the sky of modern architecture in Vietnam because it can be rotated.   Quay Bridge connecting the two sides of the Han River is a symbol of young dynamic Da Nang city, at 12 noon the bridge will slowly move from one side of the river to the other, helping the boat to travel more easily. .   Suspended wooden suspension bridge The bridge connects the city with beautiful Tien Sa seaport. The bridge is the pride of the whole city of Danang because this is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam. The night of Thuan Phuoc bridge as a beautiful princess, brilliant lights in the shadow Han River.   Nguyen Van Troi Bridge If Thuan Phuoc bridge as a princess, Nguyen Van Troi bridge is like "cinderella" of Da Nang. The bridge has a life of half a century, has successfully completed the mission of circulation for Danang and is kept as a souvenir of the city. With steel pipes, this bridge is still one of the bridges of strange and beautiful architecture of Da Nang city.   Bridge Tran Thi Ly Located about 20m from Nguyen Van Troi Bridge which is just a railway bridge and after the bridge was upgraded to use for everyone. This is a flat cable bridge, with the first wire structure and tilt tower in Vietnam. Tran Thi Ly Bridge is also the first bridge in Da Nang and Vietnam owns the floor of the scene. Visitors will go up the elevator to the pillar tower between the bridge stand on the floor to see the panoramic view of Da Nang city.   Dragon Bridge Dragon Bridge simulates the strong dragon reaching the sea, length 666.5 meters, 6 lanes, two lanes for pedestrians. This is a harmonious combination of art and performance and top attractions for visitors. It is said that the unique design in the world of structural strength is the combination of steel beams, steel arches and concrete beams.   Cam Le bridge This is the first bridge in the Central Highlands. The bridge is located in the coastal zone, connecting National Highway 1A and National Highway 1B, which was built in 2001 and is based on cantilever technology - an advanced technology in the world, but not yet popular in Vietnam. This is the technology to solve many problems of bridge construction such as construction site, cost, construction time and especially increase the structural life of the works. This is also a valuable bridge for tourism

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