Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Dead land" with the beauty of the village of Cu Long Mountain between forests

Between peaceful and romantic Da Lat, there is a romantic village that is romantic and poetic. The village of Cu Dal of Dalat is an ideal place for noisy city and relaxing, relaxing.
Cu Do village is a beautiful little village nestled in the middle of the valley surrounded by green pine forests of Dalat. Nestled in the deep forest, Cu Once is like a village of seven dwarfs between the earth. Let's Travel Vietnam to visit this fairy village!

Road to Cu Long village in Da Lat

Cu Binh Village is located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province and is only 20km far from the center of Da Lat city. To reach the small village of this rich Central Highland, you move to the direction of Golden Stream and follow the signboard very easy.
Peaceful and poetic space that you can feel right along the way to conquer Cu village times very interesting with the pass road winding, the two sides pine green winds call for wind. This is part of the East Truong Son road linking Ho Chi Minh City. Dalat and Dak Lak. On the way, visitors can also see the Green Stream, which is hidden in the middle of mountains.
Origin of Cu Tim village name

The small village of Cù times beautifully nestled at the foot of the majestic Langbiang, with an area of ​​20ha. The name of the village is derived from many different accounts. It is said that the village is named after a small wild flowers pretty much everywhere in the highland Lam Vien, but also from the Cu times - rare species of animals with sparkling eyes, large round inside Red List.
But some people say that the name "Cu tick" is named after a species of hardwood rootwood intermingled in the mountain forest used to stop bleeding, antiseptic. The wood of the Cu Cu is also used for hewing, crafted as unique gifts to those who have visited Cu Once.
Lost between peaceful space of the village of Cu Times

Cu Times Village offers visitors a wild, fresh space, in harmony with the nature of mountains and forests. You can close your eyes to drop the soul with the birds singing, the murmuring stream merging the wind and the wind through the straight through. Throughout the village, you will find wild flowers blooming, showing off the purest scent.
Going deep into the village of Cu You will be delighted by the peaceful scenery, gentle as the mist as virtual with the suspension bridge across the small stream, the beautiful little house at the foot of the stream flowing streams familiar peaceful. The scene is as if only in the fairy tale.
Pleasant experience in Cu village

With the entrance fee of the village is only 40k per person, but tourists here in Dalat will be delighted to forget about the "way back" and will definitely love this small village is not removed.
There are many interesting activities for tourists including: long mountain climbing, conquest of forest trails, camp camping with friends, catching fish, play folk games and learn about the cultural identity left over by the K'Ho people.
If you are not interested in sports games, you simply need to watch the scenery, see the bouquet of flowers along the road, "get acquainted" with the rare Cu rare times - an animal with large round eyes Cute enough to cause "remember" for you then. Cu Long village is home to small, beautiful wooden houses with many colors. The "small houses on the prairies", thus adding the natural scenery of the hills and mountains around the island to protect the beautiful vermilion.
Do not forget to eat, in the village of Dalat Dalat will make you full stomach with the best delicious dishes in the world and bring flavor Tay Nguyen. These are: grilled chicken eggs, grilled baked meat, baked sweet potatoes and rice ..., enjoy this delicious food in the rain of the mountains, it will definitely be memorable memories!

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