Friday, April 20, 2018

Delicious dishes made from sand dunes

There is a special food in Phan Rang who eat once remembered that the food is processed from the Thunder, come here you definitely have to try this dish.

1. What is a child? This is the specialty of sand dunes, which is also the material that creates many delicious, strange and attractive dishes. Reptiles are larger than lizards, 20-30 cm in length. From a wild animal, the thunderstorm was soon adopted by humans and became a valuable produce. 2. Roasted Salad Salad is a popular dish. Sauteed meats mixed with raw vegetables, fish sauce is a specialty seafood. But just a little more processing, it becomes a gastronomic delicacy. Thoroughly leave the boiling water for a few minutes, then shave lightly to remove the skin, cleaning the intestines. Finished washing the black soil in the belly, then squeeze the drain, then boiled to tear the meat and pebble bone.   Season with salt, sugar, garlic powder and then mix with onion, carrot, onion and lettuce.   Sliced ​​goulash with glazed bread is very delicious. Depending on the individual taste that can be added to the soy sauce for bold. Piece of golden rice gourd crisp, chewing crispy mashed sweet meat together with sweet and aromatic characteristics of the thunder make a strong flavor. 3. Stir thaw The most delicious of the dishes are cooked from thundersticks. There are two ways to make the baked goulash according to customer requirements. Stir-fried steak and marinated sautéed peppers after peeling. The thinnest in the thunderstorm is honey and eggs. The thistle is tasteless and leaves a sweet aftertaste. Stuffed eggs are not considered to be delicious 4. Thunderstorm Bacon is also a delicacy to many people by the taste is extremely delicious and attractive. This dish is also quite simple, not too picky so you can buy raw and cooked thistle. First of all cut the head, peel the skin then remove the heart, tighten the tail and four feet. People often use banana leaves when making thunderstorms.   Get the next step is meat minced meat with spices such as peppers, onions, pepper, garlic, lard, oil. Then mix the thigh meat with spices with a little bit of mushrooms and small chopped apples, using thin paper rolls to roll this mixture and then into a crispy pan. This dish served with rice is very delicious. 5. Thick porridge Thick porridge is also a food to impress many people when coming to the land of Phan Rang or Mui Ne. Stewed rice is used to cook rice porridge. Gao used to cook the porridge is Tuy Hoa fragrant rice, soaked in water until the pot of boiling water to boil, the rice is poured into the security, add spicy food that has a pot of porridge full of nutrients Nourish your body after tired working days.

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